At the moment, you will find over a million apps on your app store. Because of that, it may be quite difficult to choose the best apps for your phone or tablet. This applies to all apps, including top online casino games apps, and music apps. Well, you don’t have to crack your head anymore. This is because, in the post, we will list a few of the best music apps for your mobile device. We promise these apps will do what they say they do.


This streaming service specializes mainly in bringing you the latest mixtapes, playlists, and songs. There is something for everyone there as you can choose from R&B, hip-hop, rap, reggae, EDM Afro pop, and so much more. As soon as you sign up, you will be required to choose a few artists that you can listen to. However, you can skip that stage and just look for what you want to listen to. To make everything easy for you, the playlists are organized according to mood. In addition, you can search for particular artists that you like. Furthermore, you can listen to music and post comments, save playlists, as well as download some tracks. For a subscription of just fee, you can listen to your favorite music ad-free.

TuneIn Radio

Yes, we know that internet pirate radios are almost over. However, there are still some great ones to listen to. With this app, you get access to over 120,000 live radio stations from all over the world. You will be treated to a lot of local content. In addition, you will get access to on-demand streams, covering everything from music, news, sports, and so much more. For sports fans, the premium service will give you access to the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB games which are ad-free.


Soundcloud is a community of bands, musicians, and podcasters. It widely used by sports betting sites promoting musicians. The mobile device app will allow you to listen to songs, search for new songs or artists, as well as upload your own music. There are two different subscriptions available and you can choose the one that you like.