Swipe’der App – Earn Coins by Swiping or Voting on Photos and Videos | NewsWatch Review


The average smartphone user spends several hours a day jumping between apps on their phone. That’s all well and fine and can provide a certain amount of entertainment, but what if you were making money while keeping yourself entertained? That’s the idea behind Swipe’der

Swipe’der is an app that allows you to earn coins simply by swiping and voting on photos and videos. Here’s how it works. You start by creating a simple profile. Now it’s time to start earning coins.

Watch short videos that earn you these app-based coins. You can then use those coins to enter a weekly photo or video-themed contests. Watch a fun photo or video and swipe left for no or right for yes. The top 20 “liked” from each contest are sent to the judges’ panel.

Prizes are then awarded to three contestants from both contests, weekly! Not a winner? Not a problem. You can even save up your coins and redeem them for prizes as well! Choose from over 200 gift cards from Giftbit or simply cash out through PayPal.

Swipe’der is free to enter, free to play and free to win money. What’s better than that? Download the Swipe’der app in Google Play today.