Cubii – Compact Elliptical So You Can Stay Active | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

When it comes to cardio, there’s really nothing better for your joints than the smooth glide of an elliptical.

But what if you don’t have time for the gym or space or budget for a full-size exercise machine?

Introducing Cubii. This compact elliptical was designed with you in mind to seamlessly integrate more movement into daily life. Cubii gives you the freedom to work out while watching your favorite show, playing your favorite game, or working at your desk.

It fits easily under any desk or table, and its award-winning, sleek design fits into any living space. You can use Cubii in any footwear: whether it’s heels, socks, or even barefoot. Cubii is the first seated elliptical with Bluetooth connectivity.

Through the Cubii app, you can track your progress, join groups, and compete with others around the world. You can also sync your workouts with Fitbit and Apple HealthKit.

Choose from 8 levels of resistance and burn up to 150 calories per hour, as you work towards your fitness goals. Cubii is the smart fitness solution for any lifestyle, age, and athletic ability.

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