FrameDrop – Combine Your Favorite Features of Social Media in One App | NewsWatch Review


It’s hard to escape social media these days.

Obviously, it’s the best way to stay connected with friends and family, but with each platform offering something different, it’s nearly impossible to stick with just one.

FrameDrop was created to solve the flaws in popular social media apps by combining your favorite features into one convenient app.

Start by customizing your profile page to showcase who you are, including adding a song that plays anytime someone visits your page. You can then decide who you do and don’t want to see on your feed.

There’s no ads or algorithm deciding this for you. Your entire experience is personalized and within your control. Join private or public communities and search for new friends with specific tags like male, female and LGBTQ. Follow your favorite celebrities and other influencers who create great content.

Or maybe you’re the mingling type and want to search for fun events or activities near you. Check out the exclusive heat map to see where the real activity is and where everyone’s hanging out!

Get ready for the ultimate social media experience, with all the best features so you can live your best social life.

You can download FrameDrop for free today in the Apple or Google Play Store.