Calcularium – More Than Just Your Average Calculator | NewsWatch Review


Have you ever typed an equation on a calculator only to mistype one number, throwing off the entire problem? Or have you ever wished you could save an equation so you don’t have to type the same digits over and over?

That’s where the Calcularium comes in, giving you everything and more that you’ve ever wanted for your phone’s calculator.

Calcularium is a different kind of calculator because it has a lot of desktop features and allows the user to do many more things. An example of this would be reusing history, using quarantine unit conversions just writing the same expression, build your own functions, and constants and using whatever you need so you don’t need to repeat yourself.

Calcularium is for almost everyone, at least when it comes to basic functionality purposes such as adding, subtracting and multiplying but is also for people who are more tech-savvy or require complex calculations.

Get started today by downloading Calcularium in the App Store.