Just Smarty – Interactive Posters that Help Kids Learn | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Kids learn best through fun interaction that not only stimulates their mind but their imagination.

Just Smarty understands this, which is why they designed their wall posters and tablets using fun colors and characters that kids love.

Each of their colorful wall posters features the full alphabet and numbers 1 through 10 with themes like dinosaurs, lions, rainbows and plenty of other fun characters and designs.

The built-in interaction is ideal for helping kids learn to spell and count. The posters include 5 modes that help stimulate children’s minds and encourage them to think through dynamic play.

These modes include Spell, Songs, Spelling Quiz, Where Is? And Study.

Each poster also includes a variety of songs including ABCs, Wheels on the Bus and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

These educational toys make minimal noise, allowing your kid to use them at night or in the car without being too distracting.

The dedicated on and off sound button helps quiet it down even more.

Batteries are securely locked away without the chance of kids getting hold of them. While the auto shut off feature makes sure battery life is preserved.

Purchase your Just Smarty wall poster today. Search for “Just Smarty” on Amazon or go to JustSmarty.com.