Modern times have truly brought many things for our luxury and convenience. In this new age, where people are constantly demanded to work more and perform better, we have create little escape routes that will give us momentary happiness and bliss. And wouldn’t you know? Shopping seems to be at the top of that list.

Tell me honestly: How often in a week do you hit the local malls to do some window shopping? Even if it’s days or weeks away from pay day, how often do you think about what to buy next? Unsurprisingly, shopping is strongly associated with stress relief. It’s no wonder why many people turn out to be complete shopaholics by the time they reach adulthood. There’s just something about buying yourself new things that feels so satisfying. In fact, this has been studied countless times and has been strongly linked to the human brain’s reward system.

I guess, in a way, people feel rewarded when they buy things for themselves. Even if they are the ones to purchase the item, the feeling of receiving something in exchange for your stressful efforts at work is fairly relieving. We even have a term for the therapeutic effects of shopping; we call it “retail therapy.” According to studies done around retail therapy, purchasing new items in contrast to the usual browsing is said to improve a person’s mood and disposition considerable. Check this out:

Retail therapy is often advised to patients who are often upset and worn out, even depressed, because of societal pressures. Of course, having a passion for shopping should be the most basic requirement in order for this type of therapy to work.

Also, with today’s technology, people have more reasons to shop – with it being so easy and all!

The World Of Online Shopping

Online shopping. It’s music to my ears, alright. I honestly can’t think of a phrase more sweet-sounding and alluring than this. Without doubt, online shopping is the new instant relief for stress. Aside from satisfying our lust for making new purchases, online shopping offers us a convenience like no other: Browsing from the comforts of our own home. All you really need to do to start buying is add things to your virtual cart, pay for it, and have it delivered to your door in a jiffy! It literally doesn’t get any better than this.

One of the largest and most popular shopping portals of today is Amazon. In fact, it is so popular and widespread that when you hear the word “Amazon” you don’t think of the rainforest anymore. Instead, you think of the largest and most thriving online shopping community in the world. From bags to shoes, home essentials to kitchen appliances, even books and study materials, Amazon has got it all.

However, there’s only one teensy-weensy problem. As much as you would want to buy it all, budget restrictions are always a big concern. If only there was some way you can enjoy Amazon that doesn’t involve spending, right?

Oh, wait. There is! What do you think about becoming an Amazon Affiliate?

What Is Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

Instead of spending, you earn – this is the world of online marketing affiliates, a world that you would probably find extremely riveting. If you have a passion for shopping, love browsing items, and have a talent for creating content, then becoming an affiliate marketer may just be the answer to your problems. By becoming an affiliate, you don’t just get to spend on Amazon, you get to earn from it as well. Learn more about this affiliate marketing strategy in the paragraphs below.

So here’s what happens:

Supposing you have a website and that website of yours is gaining considerable attention online – lots of followers, good web traffic, many loyal readers, etc. You can utilize that domain to create an affiliate website with Amazon as your partner! This online shopping giant is constantly looking for ways to expand its market reach and bring its products closer to online customers. Aside from their main shopping site, they also seek the aid of passionate content creators and marketers who can help them grow their brand. Through your website, you can help Amazon sell and in turn, you earn commissions for it!

You would be surprised to know just how many websites aim to become an affiliate account for big shot companies like Amazon. Luckily, the said company has a big heart for marketers who would go through various lengths to bring their brand closer to people. This is why Amazon created its Affiliate Program – Amazon Associates!

Through Amazon Associates, you can sign up to become the next best ambassador for the Amazon brand. But first, you need a website with lots of traffic – that’s the biggest requirement if you are aiming to become an affiliate. Transforming your website into a semi-review website where users can view detailed descriptions and reviews of products would definitely be a plus on your application to become an associate. When your account is approved and Amazon believes that you would become a great addition to its Affiliate family, you can start creating Amazon Affiliate Links and earn through commissions.

Why are marketers so adamant about becoming an affiliate?

Although I say commissions, I’m not talking about something small time here. I’m talking BIG commissions. Depending on your market base and web traffic, the number of people who purchase from Amazon through your link may range from hundreds to thousands. This means that you get a portion of the sale from all those purchases! As long as you keep the content coming and continue to grow your website’s influence online, earning a couple thousand bucks on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis is not a far-fetched dream. Read more about this here.

Just think about it: By becoming an Affiliate, you can shop till you drop and still have enough to save up for the rainy days. Pretty sweet deal, if you ask me.