Leisure Suit Larry & Deadly Days – Strategic Survival Game Set During the Zombie Apocalypse | NewsWatch Review


If you’re tired of playing the same games over and over, here are a few cool games that’ll help you fight boredom from Assemble Entertainment.

Deadly Days is a rogue-lite, strategic survival game set during a zombie apocalypse.

Experience your very own nightmare, as you control and protect a group of survivors, seeking to undo this major catastrophe.

As you claw your way through the game, you’ll encounter zombies looking to feast on brains. Discover and use a number of wild and crazy objects, meet even wilder and crazier survivors, and unlock special abilities and deadly weapons.

Next up is Leisure Suit Larry. – Wet Dreams Don’t Dry. This game couldn’t be timelier thanks to its tongue-in-cheek commentary on social topics of the day.

In this point and click adventure you’ll navigate through this non-linear world, solving puzzles and interacting with a number of fascinating, hand-drawn characters.

Work your way through various dates on the “Timber” app, improving your score along the way. The goal is to unite Larry with his one true love – Faith.

You can download Deadly Days on Steam, while Leisure Suit Larry is available for download iOS, Google Play Store, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and also Steam!

And coming between December 19th and January 2nd, you can find both games on sale on Steam.