Hera Cases – Open-Faced Phone Case for Everyday Lifestyles | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Phones cases are designed to support and accessorize your phone and Hera cases are not only pretty, but they are also pretty convenient. Hera Cases is a women-owned business.

They wanted to design an open-face phone case that would give options for their daily lifestyle through a stylish yet functional and convenient iPhone case.  You never need to worry about losing or dropping your phone because it is attached to a strap.

The case doubles as a wallet complete with a secure zipper to safely store your ID, credit cards and cash. Your keys also easily clip to the strap.

Go from casual to chic, crossbody to a wrist strap with their extensive interchangeable strap designs line.

Their unique phone cases are available in 11 colors. Pink Lizard and Scarlett are two of my favorites thanks to their stand-out design. Beyond its obvious functionality and chic design, they are also versatile, easily fitting just about any setting or occasion.

From a formal event to a walk or bike ride. Hera case will keep your phone at hand and your hands-free.

Turn heads wherever you go and get countless compliments by ordering your Hera Case today at HeraCases.com and get 50% off using code, ‘NEWSWATCH’.