Bandelettes – Comfortable Lingerie that’s Both Practical and Sexy | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Clothes are often divided into two categories – sexy and practical. But we shouldn’t have to be super uncomfortable when we just want to feel attractive.

Well, luckily there’s some companies that understand this – companies like Bandelettes. Bandelettes’ goal is to create comfortable and sexy lingerie that is both practical and sexy, helping women embrace curves and enhance their self-confidence.

Aesthetically pleasing and chic, Bandelettes thigh bands offer a welcome and attractive alternative to tights and pantyhose during the warm and hot weather. Not only are they sexy and chic, but they also provide some much-needed relief from painful thigh chafing so many women experience, no matter their body shape or size.

They won’t slip or move and provide unparalleled comfort for women of all ages and shapes. You can choose from a total of 6 different sizes – from regular to plus as well as several fashionable colors and fabrics.

They even have a solution for men looking for relief from chafing between the thighs with a discreet protective barrier for their skin.

Wear the shorts, dresses, and skirts you love with confidence and without painful inner thigh chafing.

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