Screen Stream – Mirror or Broadcast Your Screen and Audio in Real Time | NewsWatch Review


There are a million reasons why you might want to cast your smartphone screen to a nearby TV or computer.  Maybe you want to mirror your screen so that a whole group of people can watch a video, or possibly you’ve got a work presentation.

Screen Stream Mirroring by Mobzapp is an Android app that allows you to mirror or broadcast your screen and audio in real-time. You can share your screen and all of its content live to any nearby device or PC on the same network.

That includes media players, web browsers, Chromecast, and Smart TVs. Audio is fully under your control with the ability to select an external audio source or play the audio right through your smartphone.

Its live internet broadcast capability has plenty of applications. Gamers love this app because it allows them to broadcast to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Live, Ustream and other platforms. MobzApp even has three other streaming apps: CamStream, Screen Cast mirroring, and Video Cast.

For example, CamStream will help to stream the camera instead of screen and Video Cast will stream stored videos.

Learn more about the Screen Stream Mirroring app and MobzApp’s other streaming apps by heading to