When an enticing digital world is just under your fingertips, it can be difficult even challenging at times to disconnect. The internet bewitched us with its magical ability to make our time disappear and changed us to the point where a smartphone is just an extension of one’s arm. Whether you found yourself constantly checking Twitter threads or playing games on online casino sites like casino.netbet.co.uk for hours on end, there is a good probability your brain craves that instant dopamine hit. Let’s face it: we all are more or less addicted. That is why we recommend the following apps to help you disconnect and keep your addiction under control.

Off time (iOS, Android)

This app offers a gentler approach to help you curb your smartphone addiction. You can choose between Work, Family or Me Time mode to filter texts, calls, Social Media notifications and games that distract you from actually spending time with your family, for instance. Additionally, you can see how much time you spend on your phone, such as statistics of your Off Time events and daily usage limits. There is also a great option to schedule a specific off-time mode in advance.

Forest (iOS, Android)

Forest is designed more for individuals who feel motivated by the challenge, this app awards users by presenting a virtual tree that grows based on the time the user spends without their phone. You can leave the app anytime you want, but when you do leave your virtual tree will be killed. The Forest team provides a real incentive to help stay offline by planting a real tree on your behalf when you collect enough virtual coins.

Flipd (iOS, Android)  

 When you need a more aggressive approach to help you disconnect, then you should try this app. If you choose a Full Lock Mode, it locks your phone for a certain amount of time. You can call and text but that’s about it. The other option is Mindful Moment with the main difference that you will be able to use your phone, but you will lose your progress for that session. This app encourages you to have less screen time by tracking your progress over time. You can also join Flipd community to challenge your friends and set reminders for yourself to unplug during the day.

Digital Detox (Android)

This app locks your phone for as little as 10 minutes to 30 days, enabling you to work free from any distractions. The greatest advantage is that you won’t be able to use any application from your phone. Every time you try to unlock the phone, a motivating message appears to encourage you to return to the task that you need to complete. If you have to use your phone, there is an option to take a 5-minute emergency break or breaks. The number of breaks depends on the amount of time you have chosen to spend offline. The downside side is that you will be only able to answer incoming calls, but unfortunately no messages, outgoing calls or emails.