We’ll be honest; we are not huge superhero movie fans. But, after watching the trailer of The Dark Knight back in 2018, we just had to watch it because it looked so good. And the truth is we thought the Joker character was quite interesting. So, we took time off our online casino gaming at kiwicasinos.io, prepared some popcorn and sat down for the movie and boy, did we love it!

There have been a lot of Jokers but we thought Heath Ledger nailed the character. Without wasting much time, let us tell you why we think Heath Ledger is still the best Joker, even after all these years. R.I.P Ledger!

Ledger Really Prepared For His Role

We hear that before production of the movie began; Ledger actually locked himself away in his hotel room, isolating himself for nearly 6 weeks. There, he practiced the creepy facial tics, perfected his voice, as well as learn to get into a twisted state of mind. Talk about dedication!

With him was a diary that contained playing cards, news stories of sadistic real life, and brutal scenes from Batman comics so that he could prepare himself mentally. We must say that it paid out because he really nailed the character.

Ledger Became the Scariest Joker

We all know the Joker to be comical but no, there was nothing comical about this particular joker. His jokes were just evil, to say the least. In fact, the guy managed to scare us to death. This Joker lived to torment and he did it so well, it gave us the creeps. Let’s face it; who will blow up a hospital dressed as a nurse? And, who can actually rig two evacuating ferries with explosives with no conscience at all?

Let’s Not Forget the Signature Makeup

Many people may not know this, but Ledger is the one who came up with the brilliant idea of smearing his hands with chalk. This has since been adadpted by usa online casinos on their slot games. This was a reminder that the Joker did his own makeup. What this did is that it created a very messy, signature makeup that scared the hell out of the audience. Oh, let’s not forget that he had a cut on his mouth, from ear to ear, which left a scar shaped like a smile. Pure brilliance!