Microsoft (MS) Windows is an operating system (OS) found in many desktop and laptop computers. Businesspeople, professionals, students, and many other types of consumers use the 10th major iteration of Windows to accomplish different tasks. But, using this OS needs a product key for users to make full use of its features.

The key code might be a little pricey, but know that you can buy an MS Windows 10 Professional key code at a discounted price from reliable sources. Here are some of the benefits of purchasing a discounted product code:

  1. Saves You Money

Buying a new computer and outfitting it with the latest software might be an expensive investment. Many individuals may prefer cutting costs so they could use the Windows 10 Professional OS efficiently and optimally–but that shouldn’t always be the case.

You can save money by buying a discounted key code. Search for a trustworthy source that can supply you with a license code at a price that’s lower than the original cost.

You can purchase from suppliers like – MS Win 10 Prof discounted key code, and you can use the cash saved on other purchases for your computer. For instance, you can buy a graphics card that would enable you to play the latest video games. Also, you can purchase other software to help you with your hobbies or profession.

  1. Gives You Access To All Windows 10 Professional Features

Without the product code, you can still use Windows 10. But, the OS will restrict you from taking specific actions. For instance, you can’t replace the default MS Windows wallpaper to your preferred background. Also, you can’t access other customization options when you want to personalize the OS. Attempting to customize particular display features will meet you with grayed out options.

Buying the Windows 10 Professional key code lets you gain access to all the features of the OS, letting you do more than change the desktop wallpaper or the color of window borders.

Here are a few features you can unlock with the help of a discounted key code:

  • Unlimited Reinstallations

There might come a time when you need to install the Windows OS on a new computer. But, you don’t have to buy a new product key to be able to do that. Buying a Windows 10 code will bind that product key to your account. Hence, no one can use the same product key. It also means you can install your key on an unlimited number of devices. It’s an ideal choice for people who frequently upgrade their systems without having to worry about spending extra cash on another code.

  • MS Customer Support

Using a locked Windows 10 doesn’t give you access to the MS Customer Support network. So, if the OS encounters errors like the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), you might not have access to a human representative to help you with the necessary troubleshooting and repairs.

However, you may still access other sources to help repair the system when bugs, glitches, and errors occur. For instance, you can visit blogs and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section on Microsoft’s official website. But, the repairs might take longer than expected without the extra support from a Microsoft IT professional.

  • Online Control Panel

Windows 10 offers remote access to specific features when you purchase an official product key. You can use this functionality to access your devices with the OS.

These select features include finding Windows devices, PC remote locking, and texting to an Android or Windows gadget connected to your product key.

It’s also essential to note that this feature is only available to specific versions of Windows 10. The MS Online Control Panel is available for Professional users but not for the Home version users of the OS.

A genuine retail Windows 10 Professional license key lets you enjoy your device optimally. Otherwise, you can’t use the features and support provided by the system.

  1. Removes Limitation

Aside from gaining full access to the OS, unlocking the system with a discounted key code eliminates several of its limitations.

The restrictions you might encounter from using a locked Windows 10 Professional system may include:

  • A Persisting Watermark

An MS Windows watermark will persist on the lower right corner of the system. Also, this image will remain on the screen regardless of the app you’re using. So, if you find the watermark to be an annoyance, the only way to remove it is to unlock the system using a legitimate product key.

  • Frequent Activation Reminders

A message will pop up, reminding you to activate your version of Windows. This notification may disturb apps, and it can be a hindrance to accomplishing tasks efficiently. Again, you can get rid of such reminders by activating the system with a genuine license key.

  • Limited Updates

The professionals at Microsoft are continuously searching for solutions to fix bugs and errors on the Windows OS. Windows might still release patch fixes to specific glitches and errors, but you may not acquire full support from the company. So, you might be exposing your valuable data to hacking and security breaches.

  • Specific Apps Stop Working After A While

You may use apps like MS Office even if you’re using a non-activated version of Windows 10 Professional. But, chances are it may cease functioning after a specific period of time. You might gain unlimited access to officially-licensed software by activating The MS Pro version.

Why Buy A Discounted Key Code?

As per Microsoft’s official site, the standard retail price of the Windows 10 Professional OS is $200. It can give you access to several features, but that figure might be too steep for specific users. Instead, you can buy a discounted key code from a reliable online retailer if you don’t want to spend that much.

Search for a trustworthy online supplier that can provide you with a genuine license key at a lower price tag. It’s possible to find a product key that’s 10% to 50% cheaper than the undiscounted ones!

Unlocking the Windows 10 Professional edition on your device needs a product key. Use the benefits listed in this post to help you decide whether or not to upgrade to the fully unlocked version of the OS. Also, consider buying the key code from a reliable retailer to avoid future complications.