Have you ever looked over a contact number on your Caller ID and wondered what is the name behind it, then this article is right up your alley. You are able to get the individual’s address and name using free reverse cell phone lookup or reverse phone directories that can be found on the internet quite easily.

When performing a reverse lookup is always easier for landline numbers but working just as good for cellular ones.

Let’s check a few possible scenarios where you might need help finding out what is the name behind the number:

  • You have a missed call from Jane Wusters 415-777-8591. You want to find out who is she, what is the area code for 415 and so on.
  • You’re cleaning your desk and find a piece of paper with a number written on it. You understand there was a reason for you to had it written once. You will understand whether you need to throw it away or save it to your phonebook.
  • You check your phone bill and see the number you don’t recognize. Check it with an easy lookup function.

Reverse phone lookup works best if you focus on the landline telephone numbers, especially for a certain company or organization. Before the spread of the Internet, local organizations had to publish some kind of paper phone directories and catalogs and let them be shared in phone-boxes, libraries, and other important places.

Those paper-based ones were still not able to provide a customer with facsimile or personal mobile phone numbers which led to the rapid growth of Internet data-brokers bases. With the net’s convenience and high-speed access, newspapers had to stop the practice in favor of internet directories.

Reverse phone lookup process for landline numbers can be subdivided into 2 main aspects if you’re looking for free options:

1) A simple Google search – simply put the number, separated by hyphens into the search bar like this (333-444-1516) and press “Enter”. Google Phonebook will return you the name of the owner, his or her address, street and in some cases even the link to the map where the owner lives. Right below the Phonebook results you might get another relevant information to an organization or a person.

2) Search for “reverse phone lookup websites” or “data brokers websites”. Click on one of the organic results and put the information you have into the search bar. Some such sites have paid options as well, containing other data like public or death records, marital status and so on.

There are lots of websites that have both free and paid options:

Cell telephone numbers have been issued by respective mobile operators as opposed to the governmental institutions if we speak about landline numbers. This makes searching for a cellular number a tougher process. At precisely the exact same time frame, many cellular phone users cherish their privacy and do not want anyone to have the ability to talk to them.

WhitePages.com is probably the main provider for that kind of search, this web site receives over 37 million unique monthly traffic from the United States. International numbers also could be searched. Besides name, map, and address, this website provides the approximate age of the owner. Additionally, it gives similar advice to neighbors. For a fee, then you are also able to acquire background information on your telephone owner.