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As a collector, whether of movies, music or comic books, you know the headaches associated with keeping track of what you own and where it is.  Well, we have a better solution for you. (or CLZ for short) offers an app and platform that allows you to create a database for your large collection, with ease-of-use being the name of the game. There are five collection types supported by CLZ, including movies, books, music, comics, and video games.

CLZ allows you to scan the barcode of your item, which is then added to your list, with full details and a cover image.

If scanning the barcode isn’t an option, you can search for the title, select it and the software will add the entry, including an image and details like cast and crew for movies and creator lists for comic books.

These apps finally put you in a position where you can manage a collection that spans hundreds or even thousands of titles. You can download the CLZ apps for iOS or Android if you’re looking for a mobile experience.

Or you can download the collection software on your computer or access the platform through your browser, allowing you to access your collection from anywhere.

To get started with the CLZ mobile apps today, grab your phone and search for “CLZ” in the App or Play Store or head over to to get an overview of all their cataloging solutions