Nimbleheart – Reusable ECG Device to Monitor, Track and Manage Patients’ Heart Conditions | NewsWatch Review

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In today’s connected world, staying one step ahead of our health requires more than the occasional doctor’s visit.

Especially being heart-healthy means frequently monitoring your heart.

And what’s a convenient way to do it? NimbleHeart’s Physiotrace Smart is an FDA approved medically prescribed reusable ECG device that allows patients to monitor, track, and manage their heart condition from home with remote monitoring by their physician.

It’s an essential device for anyone with cardiac risk factors such as heart failure condition, bypass surgery or stents, or even those with hypertension or diabetes.

NimbleHeart uses a patented dry electrode technology to provide continuous ECG monitoring, with no painful skin shaving or adhesives and prevents the risk of skin rash.

Wearing the completely hands-free Physiotrace Smart is so simple, that patients can use it without a medical professional in the comfort of their own home, office, or even gym. In addition, to live ECG and Heart rate monitoring with alerts, the NimbleHeart cloud portal also provides a full patient exercise session ECG report for Physician review.

Talk to your doctor for an exercise prescription to use NimbleHeart Physiotrace Smart.

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