Yolife App – Helping Millions of People Live a Long and Healthy Life | NewsWatch Review


You hear so much about de-aging, whether someone is hawking a skin cream or the hottest new supplement. But there are clinical trials going on right now that are looking to reverse the aging process on a cellular level.

Well, you don’t need to wait to take charge of your life and add some years onto it. Yolife is an app aiming to help over a million people live a healthier, longer life. Yolife is your personal coach, assisting you in living a healthier life by providing a personalized health program that targets specific areas of improvement.

The more than 15 areas Yolife focuses on include: nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, and your social life. Here’s how it works.

You’ll start with a questionnaire. This will give you insight into the most important health areas of your life, as well as give you an estimate of how long you will live in good health. This is where you’ll discover the areas with the greatest potential for improvement.

Next, you’ll start your personalized program that includes perfectly timed instructions and guidelines that fit seamlessly into your busy lifestyle. This program will help you build healthy habits aimed at enjoying a longer, more fruitful life.

None of these suggestions are arbitrary but are based on more than 300 scientific research papers, so you know you’re following a program designed to work.

You can download the Yolife app today in Google Play or the App Store.