The Movement Athlete – App for Progressive Bodyweight Training and Calisthenics | NewsWatch Review


While there are hundreds of bodyweight training apps that out there to help you achieve your goals, none of them do it quite like The Movement Athlete.

The Movement Athlete or TMA is designed to give you progressive bodyweight training and calisthenics training to help you gradually build strength, mobility, and flexibility towards a certain skill.

Designed by 10 different coaches ranging from gymnasts, calisthenics & street workouts, pros, physiotherapists, and even sports scientists over the last 3 years, each program is personalized to your specific skill level and needs after a comprehensive initial assessment.

As you continue the program and grow stronger and more mobile, TMA progresses and adapts your workouts using artificial intelligence technology.

The goal is to give you a life-long solution and not just a temporary 8-week fix, with their always-expanding library of workouts.

If you are looking for a bodyweight training app that will take you on a journey of building real-life strength, mobility, bulletproof joints and gymnast like body, try The Movement Athlete App for free by heading to today.