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At the bottom of this post, you will discover a download link. Till then, why don’t we discuss some cool things about season 4 of Apex Legends?

Apex Legends Season 4 Release Date

Apex Legends season 4 release date is February 4, 2020. However, you’re the luckiest person on earth.

From Apex Legends Revenant Leaked content to Apex Legends Revenant Leaked content, Apex Legends leaked weapons to Apex Legends leaked skins – we have acquired almost everything.

In the 4th season of Apex Legends, you will get awesome characters, weapons, battle pass, and locations.

Who is the New Character?

What we’re about to tell isn’t yet told by the makers of the game.

First of all, you should acknowledge the fact that the name of a new legendary character is Revenant.

Revenant looks like a human. But still, don’t underestimate his power. His character represents the role of a murderer.

Do you know that there are some Apex Legends Revenant special abilities? If you have already downloaded the game, you can gain those abilities from the Apex Legends Revenant Leaks.

Is the Trailer Accurate?

No, the trailer isn’t accurate at all. The trailer has portrayed Revenant as a normal player. From the trailer, all I can see is – he is just a murderer who can’t even climb walls.

The fact is – Revenant skills and abilities are beyond your thinking. They have not shown some of his special moves.

In addition, if we talk about the map, you will get unexpected surprises while playing the game.

Apex Legends: Data Mined New Weapon

We must say – the marketers of Apex Legends are not capable enough to compel players. I don’t know why – but they are hiding all the great features.

Most people know that Sentinel is just another sniper rifle.

Some people don’t know whether Sentinel is an open world or a package gun.

Let me tell you about it. Sentinel isn’t an ordinary sniper rifle. It can work as an open world as well as a package gun. And you know what? The sniper rifle has a charge mechanic.

Now you must be wondering – “I know all of it. What’s so special about it?”

Did I forget to mention that Sentinel can automatically target its shooters? Don’t you believe? Why don’t you hit the Apex Legends Season 4 download now link to know about it yourself?

Apex legend: Secret Map Revelation

Apex Legends season 4 has an impressive map.

The current map of the game has improved to a satisfactory extent. On one end, the world has lost its icy atmosphere. On the other, the lava is continuously flowing from the volcanos. Isn’t it scary?

They have divided the land into 2 destroyed pieces. In addition, so many places surprising places have been updated.

In the end, you will discover an Apex Legends secret map.

Are Apex Legends Bringing Back Kings Canyon?

How can you even think that the game will look better without the King Canyon?

Yes, they are bringing back Kings Canyon. According to secret insights, it seems that the emperor will be seen in the Kings Canyon. However, there’s a schedule.

March 25th to May 5th is the right time to meet the emperor in Kings Canyon. If you go before that, you won’t be able to meet him.

Apex Legends Season 4 Battle Pass Leaked

In season 4 of Apex Legends, you will encounter several unexpected incidents. To get 950 Apex coins, you need to spend $10.

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The bonuses are not limited to free coins. We have included another code in the same text file, which will give you three best skins: Health Drain Life, Perfect Soldier Wraith, and CyberPunk Watson.

Apex Legends Season 4 Leaked Download Now

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Is Apex Legends Season 4 Worth Playing?

Who on earth has announced that you shouldn’t play Apex Legends Season 4?

Of course, Apex Legends season 4 is worth playing. The game is compatible with Xbox One, PC, and PS4. You can download any version from the link given above.

The game has awesome weapons, characters, maps, and weapons of mass destruction.

If you’re interested in playing fast, you can go in arena mode.

But wait! It doesn’t mean that beginners can’t play the game. They have provided another zone for beginners. If you don’t have any experience with such games, you can train yourself there.