Optimum Nutrition with Game-Changing Ilixer

Consumer Update

At this point we all know how important nutrition is to our well-being, both physically and mentally. A quick search online will show any number of diet plans, weight loss programs and miracle supplements marketed as a near “cure-all.”

In order to find the products that offer actual optimum nutrition, you have to weed through the marketing minefield and look for those supplements and programs that show results. You’ll usually find products that contain actual organic foods, as well as vitamins and minerals, are the ones that are best for you and your body.

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Promoted as “the game changer in optimal nutrition,” ilixer is a powdered food that is exactly that – food. Containing 27 essential vitamins and minerals on top of fruits, vegetables, proteins, fats and more, ilixir is, in its most basic definition, a meal.

Those who are regular vitamin takers are familiar with the concept of vitamin absorption. In fact, you’ll even find mentions of “absorption” slapped on bottle labels. Some vitamins and supplement products are easier to absorb than others, owing to the quality of the product. ilixer apparently absorbs better thanks to actual food being more bioavailable. Synthetic vitamins and other elements like fortified ingredients make it hard for your body to break down and use it properly.

Like most easy-to-use nutritional products, ilixer comes in powder form for easy consumption whether you’re at home or on the go. Just add a couple scoops to a glass of water or milk, stir or shake and then throw down your gullet.

This supplement powder is completely vegan so is a versatile product encompassing a number of food lifestyles. Since it’s little more than organic fruits and vegetables, and vitamins and minerals, ilixer doesn’t seem to conflict with many programs. It even has its place in most weight loss programs. A single scoop only contains 160 calories, so it even fits well with a low-caloric diet. Though, I’d check with your dietician or whoever you are working with to verify.

With no added sugars or artificial ingredients and almost no prep time, ilixir is one of the best supplement products you’ll find on the market, made for the on-the-go lifestyle without sacrificing quality and optimum nutrition.

You can purchase ilixer in a variety of flavors including Vanilla, Chocolate Cinnamon and Mocha Mantra or choose to go with Unflavored. Head over to ilixer.com to browse their options.