Informed means armed! This is one of the most important phrases you will hear and one of the most important lessons you will learn during your lifetime.

Digitalization of the world led us up to the information and technological era. This means that everything that we used to do on the papers and with the fax or with the help of humans, is switched to the digital machines. The process rushed the process of information spreading and communication extremely swiftly. Now, we have loads of information and a lack of adoption abilities and skills.

The 21st century is all about technology, technological advancement and information. Information and knowledge are something that we have been chasing for centuries and this is why we invent different methods of absorbing information.

The digital world looks very much like our brain. Thousands of millions of connections in one huge network. The machine is based on the model of the brain and the connection between neurons. Initial computers had a very similar scheme and thus continue successful development even now. The information is the main source for the brain and for working. The more information we have the more our brain has to work in order to proceed with working and in order to maintain the ability of analysis.

The same scheme works for the network. The more information is available on the network the better analysis can be done and thus better outcomes can be delivered and synchronized. Information is power. The one, who has information, has power and control over the circumstances. There is nothing new in this fact, though the information in our time is way too big and important in order to be spread to everyone simultaneously.

The main source of information and also the main tool for spreading information is the internet. It is an extremely powerful machine, with huge potential. The internet has been invented in order to exchange information quickly, without having to wait for days until the fax has been delivered or the horse has reached the destination point. The Internet has been one of the biggest inventions of all time. It is all together. The main source, the main tool, and the main threat as well. Hardly you can recall any kind of invention that has been all three together.

Let me define why the internet corresponds the best to all three characteristics and why I have to call it among the information, power, and necessity. As mentioned before, the 21ts century is indeed the era of technology and thus, the technology has been evolving with rapid speed nowadays. This is the moment when the technology, that was invented by the human, is moderating way quicker than the human itself. And so, the student overcame the teacher. And so it is. The internet.

The tool, the source, and the threat

The Internet is not only about posting some funny Tik Tok videos or making memes on Facebook, nor even matching someone on Tinder. It is way more than only social media. Even if talking only about the things listed above, it should already tell you a lot about the information and the source of it. On Facebook, we share some of the most important details and events of our lives. On Instagram, we share almost daily pictures of where we go and with whom we go. On LinkedIn, we share our professional life and interests. On Tinder, we match with strangers and on Twitter, we share our ideas and come up with some interesting hashtags. And this is only the drop in the ocean of the enormous network called the internet.

Despite the drop in the ocean, imagine how much information is suggested only within those websites and only with those estimates. The internet is a huge sphere and it contains a lot of information. The information is mostly useful, though as everything and everywhere, the information has its good and bad sides. Having too much information is never good. Spreading incorrect information is also never good and violating the privacy of someone is never good as well. But this is the list of the things that the internet made available in a matter of seconds without any specific effort.

While it is very easy to share the birth of your daughter or cousin, it is also very easy to trick a person with the link containing a virus, destroying too much information. It is also very easy to come up with the website, which will simply charge people quite a lot of money for fake orders or for fake subscriptions. It is very simple and thus it is the dark side of the information and the power over information.

The dark side

There are many websites that suggest fake payment options or offer the customers fake services and charge them for it. There are also many websites that are not safe for your device and thus might infect it with the virus. The viruses can sometimes be with very severe symptoms. The symptoms can include the violation of your private information or can be mild and only cause the flu.

In order to avoid the fraud, the fake and dishonest websites and bots there have been certain forums and pages, which aim at helping people figuring out the validity and fairness of the providers. The bots have been especially popular for the past period. Many people create fake accounts in order to maintain the rating and good reviews. Sometimes it is very hard to control the flow and check all accounts. In order to somehow relieve the situation, websites such as Yelp exist. Those are the forums with the reviews and feedback of the users.

The necessity of such forums and websites arose especially after some cyber crimes were observed all around the world. The major cases concerned the bots and the fake account holders. Those people created bots or fake websites and attracted many people, then charged them with money or stole their personal information. Many cases have been noticed with online casinos. As far as, it is one of the biggest markets in the world, being part of the huge gambling industry. A lot of people are involved in online gambling and a lot of online casinos exist in the market. The problem is exactly the variety and the number of online casinos.

Many casinos operate in the market for ages and have deserved the trust and loyalty of the customers. Many casinos have been created for other purposes, to steal the money from the customers. Several cases have already been closed. Online casinos without proper licenses are never a good idea. Though, thanks to the bots and a valid number of their positive feedbacks regarding real money roulette online, which is one of the most popular online casino games, the customers kept coming back to the pages.

Several forum websites have taken the responsibility of collecting the proper information regarding the existing websites and checking the validity of those websites as well as the users and their feedback. In the era of technologies and the power of technologies, it is essential to provide everyone with the right and fair information.

The best way to spread the information is the campaigns and the existence of proper feedback and product reviews. What we always do, while buying something or watching something, is read the review on Amazon, or check the IMDB rating of the movies. The feedback and the reviews are something which in the end helps us to come up with our mind and make the final move.

Yelp is one of the best examples of the forums, which assists in creating a safer and more relevant online world for the customers. The whole team works on collecting the information and creating the real content, without any fake accounts and frauds. The reviews and feedback are very important in every sector and every business.

The reasons behind creating irrelevant and fraudulent content can be many. One of them is a political view, the other is fandom acting and so more. The reasons never run out.

Yelp has been active in the market for over a year and has already come up with the great outcome. They have revealed over 500 fake accounts and have warmed more than a thousand people. The platform is evolving and with the assistance of the extremely successful and intelligent software, which can identify the validity of the website of the account, they will soon reach the higher peaks.