How to become Youtuber and make it successful? Many have asked themselves in recent years before the rise of some YouTube stars. A real profession recognized all over the world, made up of young people who have become millionaires who earn money from YouTube directly from their bedroom.

Becoming Youtuber requires several factors and some precise rules to follow, combined with perseverance and commitment: it is in fact one of the most sought-after professions of the third millennium, alongside the career as an influencer on Instagram. What to do and where to start to open a successful YouTube channel and become an established Youtuber?

Obviously, there is no perfect recipe but if you are thinking of starting to publish videos on YouTube here is a simple guide with tips to follow in order not to be wrong.

Open a YouTube channel

Opening a channel on YouTube is very simple: to do this you need a Gmail account and log in to the site (an operation often required in front of sensitive video content). Your channel, present at the top right by clicking on the drop-down menu in the profile image icon, is actually already present at the time of log-in and represents your profile in all respects.

The channel can be customized through the appropriate button, you can insert a themed cover and a profile photo different from that of the Gmail account while you can also choose to create a native one that does not have the name and surname of the Google email . The options are varied, but you cannot become Youtuber without a good idea and a theme that identifies your channel to a potential target group.

Choose a theme

The choice of theme is of fundamental importance to become a successful Youtuber and, at the same time, it also represents a great obstacle. Compared to the beginnings today YouTube is a platform rich and full of content and competition.

We must not be discouraged if the first videos do not immediately reach a large audience: what we need is constancy, commitment and dedication just like in a real job. Among the most popular themes among youtubers there are certainly video games, a theme that attracts a varied, often young audience, who seeks tricks, guides, solutions but also streammers to watch playing.

As for the female universe, the channels of makeup and makeup tutorials are depopulated, but in general also vlogs, reviews of films and TV series, video reactions, unboxing (videos that show a preview of the unpacking and the opening of precious and non-precious products). In short, choosing a theme that identifies your channel is essential to retain and intercept certain users interested in the topic you propose.

What you need

Once the idea was found and the account was opened, it is now necessary to shoot videos. But what does it take to create great videos to publish on YouTube?

From a purely hardware point of view, excellent equipment is necessary to become a successful Youtuber. Today almost all phones and televisions, together with PCs, are equipped with excellent high definition and 4K enabled screens which, combined with an excellent internet connection, allow you to view streaming video content without problems. Being in possession of a professional video camera capable of producing movies at least in FULL HD (1920×1080) and a latest generation smartphone (to be used to start maybe, or as an additional second camera) capable of recording video even in 4K today is definitely a step obligatory. Don’t forget special conversion tools to help you convert files; MPEG Converter, AVI Converter and so on.

These are joined by a cure for lights and for general photography: just arrange the lamps in the right way, doing various tests, or set the options of your room. Alternatively, there are excellent sets equipped with lights and studio lamps at a low price (starting even from 50 dollars) useful for the purpose, also on sale on Amazon. Once you shoot our video, you just have to export it and proceed with the editing.

Hopefully with these tips you can be helped in becoming a professional YouTuber.