With eight more months to go before Americans can join the polls and vote their next President at the 59th quadrennial election for the United States President scheduled for November 3rd, you still have plenty of time to assess all your options, make up your mind and place your bets online. Yes, it is possible to bet on who will be the next President of the United States of America and win nice money while you are at it. If you are already passionate about sports bets and you know all about how odds and bookmakers work, you know exactly what we are talking about. However, if you are rather new to the scene and you had no idea these bets existed, these next few lines should come in handy.

Keep Your Eye On The Odds

The end of Super Tuesday seems to have shaped the way the elections will look like: it will, most likely, be a tight race between current President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. The two are seen as favorites according to sportsbooks across the globe and as funny as it may sound, “sports betting” tips and odds on the Presidential election is a strong indicator of who will become the next President. Just like with all types of sports bets, the betting odds will make a huge difference but it can be difficult to understand what the odds actually mean. Briefly put, odds display the potential winning you could expect at the end of the game or event – in this particular case, the American Presidential election. American odds, for example, work differently for underdogs (who are expected to lose) and favorites (who are expected to win). They are also referred to as moneyline odds. Betting on the favorites means looking at the odds and knowing how much money you will need to wager so you would win $100. Betting on the underdog means looking at the positive number that lets you know how much money you will be able to win for a bet worth $100.

Joe Biden went from 10/1 odds of becoming the nominee on behalf of the Democratic Presidential nominee to whopping 2/17 odds. Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, had quite a swing in terms of odds, as he went from 5/6 to 6/1 odds. Joe Biden seems to only be backed by few bettors, with 34% of all bets placed on Bernie Sanders.

Trump seems to be the favorite Presidential candidate expected to win his second mandate with 2/3 odds, with Biden recording 3.2 odds and Sanders 13/1. At the moment, close to 47 percent of all bets seem to be directed towards Donald Trump being re-elected a second time.

Super Tuesday Changes

Super Tuesday is the unofficial name of the Presidential primary election that is held in February or March, in the year of the Presidential elections. On Super Tuesday, the largest number of American states organize their primary elections as well as meetings of political party supporters. One-third of all delegates to the presidential nominating conventions can be won on this day. This means this is a critically important as well as revealing day that can display the possible nominee of behalf of each of the political parties in the country.

Generally speaking, elections are extremely volatile in terms of odds and favorites and many things can change in less than two days, especially when Super Tuesday is just around the corner. This year’s Presidential Election makes no exception if we are to look at the Super Tuesday when Biden was going towards the Democratic primaries with 14.2% chances of winning the elections. Sanders came in at 19.7%.

After Super Tuesday that brought Joe Biden an unexpected number of victories, the candidate is now the indisputable favorite to receive the official nomination on behalf of the Democrats. This, in turn, also influences his odds of becoming the future President of the United States, with a 40% chance of winning. His odds were also lifted by Michael Bloomberg who decided to give up a few hours after Super Tuesday was over. This way, Bloomberg endorsed Joe Biden. On the other hand, Bernie Sanders only recorded 6.9%.

Surprisingly, Donald Trump seems to enjoy more stability in terms of numbers, as the Monday before Super Tuesday he had  52.6% chances to hold on to his position in the Oval Office, while the morning after Super Tuesday placed his odds at 53.9%. You can currently place a bet on him online with -149 odds, which means betting $149 on him to win the elections will bring you a profit of $100, provided he does manage to win. Joe Biden and his +150 odds mean betting $100 on him will bring you a profit of $150.