The chances are you have spent a lot of your time and money keeping up to date with the latest technology, and making sure that you get your hands on the latest gadgets and tech.

One area of our lives often goes overlooked, and all the time and money we dedicate to sourcing the latest technological advances seems to miss it completely. When was the last time you took a look at the advances in home heating?

Every household spends a lot of money on energy, and a large portion of that is to keep our homes warm in the winter. You may have a home filled with the latest tech, but your home heating system could be from the last century. If you are looking for a more modern solution to home heating, then you should consider a Home Heat Recovery System to bring your home into the twenty-first century, as well as reduce your energy bills.

How Does a Heat Recovery and Ventilation System Work?

Most homes today use a hot water boiler that heats water and pumps it through the home to radiators that are positioned on walls in rooms and hallways. Though effective, this method of heating a home is incredibly energy inefficient.

Home Heat Recovery and Ventilation Systems, sometimes called Mechanical Heat Ventilation Recovery Systems (MVHR), draw fresh air in from the outside and filter it for purity and heat it with electrical elements. This air is then pumped to rooms in the home through discreet ducting and vents. Stale air is also removed through this system, and heat from that air is recovered by a heat exchanger and used to heat new, fresh air; adding to energy efficiency.

Are Heat Recovery and Ventilation Systems Expensive to Install?

If you need to replace an old water boiling system, then switching to a Heat Recovery and Ventilation System will cost a similar amount to install as a replacement water boiling system – but it will be much cheaper to operate.

Heat Recovery Systems are simple and quick to install, and a well-designed system that has been tailored to your home and your heating demands can save you a lot of money on your energy bills, helping the installation to pay for itself over time. The engineers at BPC Ventilation have decades of experience in designing and installing Heat Recovery and Ventilation Systems, and provide a full consultation service to help you design the right system for your home.

What Else Can I Do to Save Money with a Heat Recovery and Ventilation System?

Many homeowners who have installed a Heat Recovery and Ventilation System have paired it with home wind power generators, solar panels, and home battery packs to drastically reduce their energy bills.

The efficiency of Home Heat Recovery Systems means that you can warm your home effectively from electricity you generate yourself on site. Combining solar panels with a home battery system lets you heat your home at night from solar energy captured in the daytime, and using a wind turbine means that when the weather is bad and chilling your home, the excess wind is helping you fight off the elements and power your heating system.

Home Heat Recovery and Ventilation Systems are a twenty-first century solution to one of life’s oldest problems; staying warm. With a system like this, you can save a lot of money, as well as use less energy to help save the planet.