The NFL league already declared that the 2020 NFL Draft will commence on April 23rd and will be done virtually. It is a new experience not only for the league and for the players, as this will be the first time the drafting will be virtual. The decision has been made, and not even a pandemic will stop the selection process for this year’s NFL Draft season.

Along with the declaration, trades are constant behind the scene. These trades make significant changes to the pick order. Continue reading to learn more about these trades and all the changes implemented to the pick order of this year’s draft.

The Order of The Pick, Trades, and Rankings

The latest version of the 2020 NFL draft picks order has been released online by various sports channels and magazines. Below is the first-round pick order of the 2020 NFL Draft to get you guided with the upcoming NFL betting. This list includes all actual trades and the teams’ respective overall rankings for this season.

  • The First One to pick will be the Cincinnati Bengals, who ranked 31st overall.
  • Second is the Washington Redskins who ranked 32nd overall
  • The third is the Detroit Lions who ranked 25th overall
  • Fourth is the New York Giants who ranked 29th overall
  • The fifth is the Miami Dolphins who ranked 30th overall
  • Sixth is the Los Angeles Chargers who ranked 20th overall
  • Seventh is the Carolina Panthers who ranked 27th overall
  • Eight is the Arizona Cardinals who ranked 26th overall
  • Ninth is the Jacksonville Jaguars who ranked 28th overall
  • The tenth is the Cleveland Browns who ranked 23rd overall
  • The eleventh is the New York Jets who ranked 24th overall
  • Twelfth is the Las Vegas Raiders who ranked 22nd overall
  • The thirteenth is the San Francisco 49ers who ranked 3rd overall (via trade with the Indianapolis Colts)
  • The fourteenth is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who ranked 15th overall
  • The fifteenth is the Denver Broncos who ranked 18th overall
  • The sixteenth is the Atlanta Falcons who ranked 21st overall
  • The seventeenth is the Dallas Cowboys who ranked 8th overall
  • Eighteenth is the Miami Dolphins who ranked 30th overall
  • The nineteenth is the Las Vegas Raiders who ranked 22nd overall (via trade with the Chicago Bears)
  • Twentieth is the Jacksonville Jaguars who ranked 28th overall (via trade with the Los Angeles Rams)
  • The Twenty-first is the Philadelphia Eagles who ranked 14th overall
  • Twenty-second is the Minnesota Vikings who ranked 7th overall (via trade with the Buffalo Bills)
  • The Twenty-third is the New England Patriots who ranked 4th overall
  • The Twenty-fourth is the New Orleans Saints who ranked 5th overall
  • Twenty-fifth is the Minnesota Vikings who ranked 7th overall
  • Twenty-sixth is the Miami Dolphins who ranked 30th overall
  • Twenty-seventh is the Seattle Seahawks who ranked 13th overall
  • The Twenty-eighth is the Baltimore Ravens who ranked 1st overall
  • The Twenty-ninth is the Tennessee Titans who ranked 12th overall
  • Thirtieth is the Green Bay Packers who ranked 6th overall
  • Thirty-first is the San Francisco 49ers who ranked 3rd overall
  • Thirty-second is the Kansas City Chiefs who ranked 4th overall

Latest News and Updates

The full and final draft order of the 2020 NFL Draft has already been set last Tuesday, April 14th. The Arizona Cardinals dropped their fifth-round pick in the supplemental draft, thus leaving this year’s draft with only 255 picks rather than the usual 256 picks.

The Miami Dolphins dominated this year’s selection as they end up having 14 picks in their favor. They traded their veteran players to acquire multiple picks this year and the following year’s draft. These 14 picks include their compensatory pick, which they acquired last season.

Next to the Dolphins is their AFC East rivals, which is the New England Patriots, who have 12 picks this season. They acquire these 12 chances to choose for this season, including their compensatory pick by losing some great players on their team. It is a sacrifice they have to make to build a more powerful team to compete for the Super Bowl.

This season of the NFL Draft has lots of surprises as teams made trades to acquire more chances to pick a new player for their team. Teams traded their veterans for a pick spot for this season, which comes as a surprise to many sporting experts. It also created a buzz across the internet, but it is the team manager’s decision where we need to accept.

Each team’s manager makes these changes and decisions, and they make those decisions based on their careful analysis. They have vast experience in this field. That is why we should trust their decisions.


Some of these things can change since there is still one week before the draft begins. We need to stay tuned to sports channels and websites for more news and updates regarding any changes in the NFL Draft 2020. Until then, changes are still expected to happen, and the final result will occur at the exact time of the selection.