Liverpool is more than just a football club, although most locals are proud of the fact that the whole of UK and pretty much the entire world knows about them because of their brilliant football team! Whether you are a fan of Liverpool FC or not, it’s just a gorgeous city to go to for a trip, with so much historical value in it that it’s actually an official UNESCO World Heritage Site. Aside from being one of the major financial cities in England, Liverpool is also a major tourist attraction for people from all over the UK and Europe.

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While that’s all excellent news for those planning a trip to the city, the real question is, why would anyone actually opt for a self catering apartment in Liverpool, instead of going for a deluxe hotel room? As it happens, there are quite a few reasons that convinced us, and will likely convince you too.

Save Money and Eat Well

Frequent travellers prefer a balance between saving money and getting the comforts they need, which is precisely what self catering apartments are supposed to provide. Are they going to be as convenient as serviced apartments are? No, but the accommodation quarters themselves are going to be on par with serviced apartments, minus the price of service. In fact, the rent is going to be a lot cheaper than a hotel room of similar quality, even though the service will be missing.

Given how many awesome cafes and restaurants Liverpool is famous for, ordering food from outside could actually be a delight for those coming to the city for a weekend trip. If you are planning a trip to Liverpool with the family or on business alone, you will absolutely love the middle ground here, as long as cooking or ordering food from outside is not an issue for you. Just in case you have a child or a baby with you, though, those fully equipped kitchens which every property from Dream Apartments comes with by default, will prove to be particularly useful.

The Space and Privacy of an Apartment

No hotel room in the same price range, or even up to a much higher price range, is usually as spacious as a similarly priced self catering apartment in Liverpool. These are, after all, luxurious, furnished apartments with fully equipped kitchens, lavish  bathrooms and complete privacy; something that most hotel rooms just cannot provide by design.

As you may have probably noticed by now, self catering apartments are just a better choice for most frequent travellers and sometimes even families on a leisure trip. Sure, they may lack some of the bells and whistles of hotel service, but that little difference is more than worth it for a lot of people, on account of the money that they will end up saving on the trip.

If you are travelling to Liverpool on business, chances are that you will be travelling to the city again soon enough. If such is the nature of your business, it simply makes more sense to have an apartment there that provides you with the freedom and comfort you need without straining your bank account.