Best Nintendo Switch Games – Battle Princess Madelyn: Royal Edition


Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games are looking pretty promising, but with so many of us stuck inside these days, you’re probably looking for a guide to the best Nintendo Switch games available right now. Well, I’m not here to give you a guide to all the current Switch games worth your time, but I’ve got one you’re going to want to check out.

Battle Princess Madelyn: Royal Edition is a great retro-style action-adventure game that holds its own against other Switch games. The title follows the story of a young knight in training aptly named “Madelyn.” As you set out on your journey, you’re joined by your loyal dog, Fritzy. The goal is simple: do everything you can to save your kingdom and your family from an evil wizard. Child’s play, right?

You might be familiar with the earlier version of this game, which is one of the best Nintendo Switch games for those looking for a throwback. This title is basically the director’s cut of the arcade mode. This new version of the popular title includes several new levels as well as a more diverse play style. Despite the new levels, Battle Princess Madelyn: Royal Edition still retains what made the original so special. Namely, it’s still short and sweet, with 10 levels allowing you to jump in and out for some quick fun without requiring a huge time commitment.

The fast-paced action keeps this game engaging, with fun, hand-drawn pixel art that’s a throwback to a simpler era of gaming. In a world dominated by long, drawn out Switch games that are laden with complex, heavy gameplay that consume your life, it’s refreshing to have a game that still allows you to reach a satisfactory end without dedicating so much time. And Battle Princess Madelyn is one of the best Nintendo Switch games for anyone looking for that kind of gaming experience.

The origin of the game is as interesting as the game itself. This 2D adventure title was inspired and co-created by a little girl named Madelyn and her father. They wanted to make it to teach important lessons like how to be strong in the face of adversity and how not to conform to society’s arbitrary limitations.

So, while you wait for upcoming Nintendo Switch games to be released, why not give this retro title a go. You can start playing Battle Princess Madelyn: Royal Edition by purchasing it in the Nintendo Switch Store.