Conversational AI in Contact Centers with Advantage Communications

Tech Report

Live chat in contact centers and other forms of customer support are vital to the continued success of any company. Customers only stick around when they feel they’re being heard and have a direct line to resolving any issues. This isn’t just conjecture but statistical fact.

There are some numbers that suggest companies as a whole lose over $60 billion a year due to poor customer service. That’s not chump change. In effect, subpar contact centers and lack of efficient live chat are bleeding companies dry. So, that’s the problem, but what’s the solution?

In a digital and technically advanced age, solutions of business are often found in the tech world. In the case of contact centers, it’s found in conversational AI. A quick glance through any major strides in tech over the last couple years will show you AI hard at work, but its application to the world of live chat and contact centers has eluded us. That is until Advantage Communications addressed the problem with conversational AI.

Conversational AI is possible through natural language processing that sees the AI program gaining an understanding of spoken and written human communication and then being able to respond in kind. This takes the “robot” aspect out of the communication and thus allows for a smoother customer service experience.

Advantage Communications offers live chat AI solutions that cover the full potential of what this advanced technology has to offer. And no, I’m not just talking about chatbots. Those are simply the tip of the iceberg. They also employ their very own unique Live Call Coaching that allows the conversational AI to listen to both sides of the conversation – the customer service agent and the customer – and suggest the best things to say in that moment.

This effectively takes the guesswork and a lot of human error out of contact centers, dramatically boosting the quality of live chat and customer relations. With other smaller issues being handled with highly advanced chatbots, human customer service agents are freed up to deal with more complex issues.

Advantage Communications is poised to elevate the customer service experience in the new decade with quality contact centers being established across the vast commercial landscape. If they can start by improving every single customer interaction, this is a very real possibility.

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