Best Binge Shows – Discover with Binge Buddy App


This is certainly a strange time, what with most of the global population participating in one form of quarantine or another. One silver lining, if you could even call it that, is that many of us are reconnecting with our loved ones, finding ways to communicate and spend time because we have to.

We are also finding time to watch the movies and shows that have eluded us because we simply didn’t have time. Thanks to numerous streaming options like Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, HBO NOW, Apple TV+, Disney+ and more, we could stay in quarantine for a year straight and still not watch all of the movies and shows available to us at the press of a button.

With this overwhelmingly large amount of visual content available with little or no effort on our part to access it, comes a problem that only those faced with too many options have ever experienced. This problem can be summed up in a single question, “What am I going to watch?” I’ve been there, furiously scrolling through my various paid streaming services looking for the best shows to watch or the best binge shows that’ll eat up my next 9 hours.

The struggle is real, folks, and there’s no sign of this wave of content slowing with new streaming services popping up on what seems like a weekly basis. We’ve now got Quibi, HBO Max and even NBCUniversal’s Peacock vying for our attention. With endless original programming, plus decades worth of licensed movies and shows, good luck ever leaving the house.

Luckily, we’ve got an app like Binge Buddy to sort through the mess and offer a helping hand. This super convenient app lists every movie and show that’s ever existed, along with how many seasons they have and where to watch. This is the cure for the disease known as “I can’t find the best shows to watch.” This database will guide you to the best binge shows with a clear marker letting you know where it’s streaming.

Gone are the days when you find yourself firing up each of your streaming apps looking for which one has that one movie or show you’ve been wanting to watch. Simply fire up the Binge Buddy app and search for it. It’ll tell you if it’s streaming on Hulu, Netflix, Prime Video, etc. You’ll even find a list of the top trending content that everyone’s watching.

Binge Buddy is the one-stop solution that will guide you to the best movies and shows to watch and where to watch them. You can download it in the Google Play or App Store.