Solving the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain – Logistimo

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While those of us in more established cities sometimes take for granted our access to services like healthcare, there are those in more impoverished or rural areas that are not so lucky. A well-built medical infrastructure is not a given in all corners of the world.

It takes a well-oiled machine that greases the supply chain and cold chain for health products to move swiftly along the line and make it to these remote locations. It’s not just a matter of getting a freight quote, obtaining a shipping container and shipping a product. Companies like Logistimo have leveraged tech to make help possible.

“Logistimo improves lives and businesses by strengthening supply chains to connect remote communities with access to essential products, services and opportunities,” the company’s website reads.

Logistimo is essentially a tech company that provides solutions for end-to-end transparency and functionality to ensure essential products arrive at their intended end point. Their products include anything you can conceive of from a logistical angle including Inventory Management that allows for at-a-glance stock monitoring as well as allowing you to track movement and optimize inventory with insightful prediction.

Focusing on essentials, and more specifically pharmaceuticals and other health products, it’s important to properly monitor and manage the cold chain. A cold chain requires the right temperatures to preserve the items in transit inside the shipping container, making it more high maintenance than most freight shipping.

Logistimo’s cold chain monitoring solution includes reliable data collection that includes temperatures, remotely monitoring and managing cold chain assets from mobile devices and real-time notifications whenever there’s a shipping container temperature breach, power outage or other event that requires immediate action to retain the integrity of the shipment.

In order to maintain the functionality of a supply chain or cold chain, it’s important to gain thorough insight into transport and relevant logistics related to freight shipping. Logistimo has this covered as well with full transport and logistics products that include the ability to manage mixed fleet and coordinate all logistics related to the full “assembly line” from warehousing to end delivery.

Logistimo’s one-of-a-kind platform has a proven track record, making sure vital products like vaccines, medicines and a number of other consumable goods make it to their destination and in the hands of those who need them in the most remote regions of the world.

With the ability to scale up to accommodate virtually any operation, Logistimo has worked across Asia and Africa and is poised to do the same in the U.S. and across Europe. Find out more about the solutions available through