Genie Game Reads Your Mind – Akinator


Remember in the movie “Big” when that kid stood in front of a carnival wish-granting machine named Zoltar and said, “I wish I were big” before turning into Tom Hanks? Of course you do. That was the moment many of us fell in love with entertaining fortune tellers that seem to have mystical powers.

With smartphones there are no shortage of apps and genie games that allow us to find that kind of carnival-like fun without ever having to get up off the couch. Akinator is a great example of a genie game that tries to replicate what it’s like to stand in front of a mind reader at a fair.

Akinator is a fun app that breaks away from the tired game format many entertainment apps seem to fall into. The free app is a great time waster that sees you placed against a mind-reading genie named Akinator who will try to guess the character or guess the celebrity you’re thinking of. The idea is to try and stump him as he attempts to read your mind.

Think of a character whether real or fictional. Got one? Good. That’s what Akinator is going to try and guess. The idea is to make it hard for him to guess the character you’ve got in mind. He’s going to ask you questions to try and figure out who you’re thinking of. Your job is to dive deep into the back corners of your mind to find something that’s going to be challenging for him to figure out.

Recent updates to the genie game allow Akinator to not only “guess the celebrity” or “guess the character, he can now work his magic to guess animals and movies as well.

Now, this is a genie game after all, so it goes without saying there is a prize to be gained by successfully stumping Akinator. You’ll work to try and find 5 mysterious characters added to this “guess the character” app every day. Find them and you’ll win special awards. The Best Aki Awards is your ultimate goal. But it all starts with making it tough for Akinator.

This fun game also includes a leaderboard feature that allows you to gun for the top spot, tallying bragging rights along the way. Challenge other players and see who has built the best defense against Akinator’s mind-reading powers.

You can download Akinator in the App Store or Google Play.