The Perfect Push-Up with Sling Shot Push Up

Consumer Update

Drop and give me 20! If you’ve ever heard that before you’ve probably experienced the trauma of having to use your own body weight to rapidly perform push-ups under duress. Add in the fact that many of us don’t even know how to perform the perfect push-up, and the whole subject is just a giant headache.

That’s a shame because push-ups are a great form of exercise that work out an entire set of muscles during a home workout routine. You don’t even need much more than your body to do it, though one accessory might come in handy if you’re looking for the perfect push-up.

The Sling Shot Push Up by Mark Bell will have you dropping and doing a perfect push-up every time, with its patented design meant to assist you in getting the most from your gym or home workout. This flexible band helps alleviate the pressure from your shoulders while simultaneously reinforcing proper form to make sure you get it right.

perfect pushup

This unique band not only works to prevent injury from a less than perfect push-up, but it also ensures you’re doing it just right, something you’ve probably been chasing for years. For those who struggle time and time again to perfect the push-up, the Sling Shot Push Up is what they’ve been looking for. That being said, it’s also a great fit for those who already know how to perform the perfect push-up but just want some reinforcement.

The Sling Shot Push Up also has its place in weightlifting. Anyone who has ever even dabbled in weightlifting, whether during a gym or home workout, knows it’s not for the light of heart. You need all the help you can get without sacrificing results. This unique, patented band will be your very own coach while doing bench presses or excruciating dips. The deeper you move in a full range of motion, the more assistance you’ll receive from the Sling Shot Push Up.

They sell a full range of sizes from extra small to 3XL, so no matter how big or small you are, there’s a band for you. They currently come in one of two colors – Red & Black and Grey. They tell us there are more colors coming soon. But, you know, don’t wait for that, you got a perfect push-up waiting for you.

Purchase your Sling Shot Push Up band at And while you’re there check out some of their other cool home workout and weightlifting accessories.