When it comes to streaming on Youtube, Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon, there are lots of hardware options out there. However, you must know what to look for in a streaming device before you decide the system to buy. This guide brings you the best streaming devices that you can connect to your TV and start streaming music and movies immediately.

Top Five Streaming Devices This Year

Best Overall: Roku Streaming Stick Plus

Roku ranks as the best streaming system in the world thanks to its simplistic interface and content-agonistic platform that doesn’t make you choose only one provider. That makes it the perfect hardware to buy if you like scouring for the best streaming services on StreamingWars.com, where you get to compare dollars to the shows.

Besides being among the most affordable streaming TV options out there, Roku supports 4K HDR, even when the TV isn’t compatible with modern audio formats.  Even better, it’s accurate on practical features such as your TV’s remote control and power.

Best for Professional Gamers: Nvidia Shield TV

While the Nvidia Shield TV is an affordable media streamer, it offers everything that your daily media streamers can’t offer. Even better, it comes with a robust library of games that are compatible with android and Google assistant, which comes linked with a smart control system.

Best for Amazon Enthusiasts: Amazon 4K Fire Stick

Using Alexa, Amazon has tried more than ever to integrate voice commands with consumer media. The 4K Fire Stick from Amazon allows you to control the voice control commands while giving you an easy-to-use menu that gives you value for the money.

This 4K Fire Stick from Amazon comes with ultra HD streaming services and delivers clear Dolby Vision. It doesn’t come with Google play apps, but its fast Wi-Fi streaming makes it worth every dollar. However, it doesn’t come with an Ethernet adapter.

Most Affordable Streamer: Roku Express

If HDR, 4K, or Dolby Atmos isn’t among your top features when it comes to a streaming device, then the Roku Express is all you need. This modern media streamer is minimalistic at best, though it’s quite easy to use thanks to its superb user interface and excellent remote. Even better, it eliminates all the frill, giving you a tiny device that snugly fits anywhere.

The Roku Express delivers 1080p full HD images, with a two cable set-up that includes HDMI connection. It doesn’t come with USB ports or MicroSD card slots, though you can still other excellent options from Roku if you need these features.

Best for Apple Users: Apple TV 4K

For users who are heavily invested in Apple devices, the Apple TV 4K is what you need for a seamless television experience. It comes with a myriad of cool features that seems to increase every year, making it the perfect choice for Apple devotees.

One of its coolest features is that it allows you to copy your login information directly from iPads, iPhones, and Apple laptops to the Apple TV. Additionally, you can use it to control your other home smart devices and play games.