The chances are that most of us have interacted with a bot at some time. We probably haven’t even realized that we’ve done so! Bot technology, powered by AI, is infiltrating a number of sectors including HR, customer service, medical, social, and financial markets. Going far beyond the power of conversation, these bots are able to analyze masses of data, take decisions and execute them, and perform an ever-increasing number of tasks.

But what are the uses of bots beyond the types you have most probably interacted with? Here are just a few wonderful ways bots are being implemented right now.

Companions for Dementia Patients

Both chatbots and robots have been specially developed to provide companionship for those suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s. People suffering from these conditions have symptoms such as short-term memory loss. The bot is then able to identify any deviation in conversational branches that could suggest an issue with memory.

With all information stored on the cloud, family members and doctors can review communications to further identify any increased degradation of communicative functions. Not only does the bot provide companionship and conversation for patients, but it can keep a record of progress or deterioration. There is also some evidence to suggest that, through having certain kinds of conversations, memory and recall can be temporarily improved.

Crypto Trading

Cryptocurrency is a relatively new technology so it’s no surprise bots have found a place here as well. When it comes to crypto trading and investing, it can be hard for investors to keep up with the market’s movements. The crypto market is notoriously volatile and fast-paced. Additionally, it doesn’t close down as traditional fiat markets do.

Bitcoin Revolution is an example of an auto trading software that makes decisions based on the fluctuations in the value of bitcoin. Users tell the platform how they want to trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and the bot will carry out the trades automatically for as long as it’s instructed. You can read the whole review here, but it goes without saying that this application of bot technology is a great way to be involved in the crypto-market 24/7, without having to invest time all your time.

Making Medical Diagnoses

When people get sick, they can be tempted to head off into the depths of the internet to self-diagnose. With no medical training, and a tendency to exaggerate symptoms, the consequences can be not only wrong but devastating. To help prevent such situations, bot technology has been harnessed to make medical diagnoses easier, faster, and more accurate.

Through the use of machine learning, the bot offers accurate responses to users based on a series of questions. There is no bias involved with the bot and it can review thousands of pages of studies and medical research in seconds. While the medical bot will not replace doctors anytime soon, it could be useful in guiding patients on whether they need to see their doctor or head to the ER.

The number of use-cases for bot and AI technology is increasing day by day. In the near future, we can expect applications of chatbot technology to appear in almost every sector. Next time you log on to a website, engage with a company, or chat on an app, remember that you could well be speaking with a bot, rather than a human!