Only ten or so years ago, mobile gaming was not so widespread as it is today. Since then, mobile casino games have had their break in the industry, continuously changing and improving. These days, with so many mobile games (both regular and casino games) appearing daily, players are spoilt for choice.

Technology has reached a new high at the moment, but we shouldn’t stop at that. Whether you’re the type of player who enjoys games of skill, entertaining games, or opts for casino sites such as Mobilebet, you deserve to experience mobile gaming at its finest.

Early Years of Mobile Gaming

The beginnings of mobile gaming haven’t always been as bright as they are now. However, with the development of Google Play and Apple Store, mobile gaming was changed forever. These online stores allowed game developers to sell mobile games directly to consumers instead of dealing with mobile network operators and phone manufacturers.

Later on, game developers started offering mobile games for free, including casino games. At that time, having the option to download a casino app for free while still using and betting with real money was revolutionary.

Playing in mobile casinos was not always as safe as playing regular mobile games. In fact, many countries banned mobile gambling at first. Luckily, today, players do not have to worry about such situations thanks to well-established regulatory bodies that back up thousands of mobile casinos.

Mobile Gaming Today

Mobile gaming today has seen an abundance of changes compared to 12 years ago, including smoother platforms, games of higher quality, better player interface, and so on. Furthermore, with more and more software providers introducing high-grade mobile games, 3D graphics are taking over the gaming industry.

Most mobile casinos are powered by some of the biggest and well-respected software providers, such as Microgaming, NetEnt, IGT, Playtech, Realtime Gaming, etc. To make mobile gaming as exciting as possible, providers added live casino games to the mix, while also simultaneously introducing HD gaming experience.

HTML5 mobile technology was introduced in 2010, becoming the standard platform for mobile devices and allowing for an increasing number of available mobile games. HTML5 is still being widely used today; moreover, it’s constantly being reinforced and improved, providing players with smooth and lag-free playing experience on smartphones and tablets.

Note that these few features only partly describe how mobile gaming has changed the gaming industry and how it continues to improve and introduce new ways of playing games.

What to Expect from Mobile Gaming in the Future

Going forward, we expect to see more, if not all, PC games and casinos becoming available for mobile download or play. With that in mind, mobile gaming needs to uphold its reputation without compromising the overall quality, including graphics, user experience, and sound effects.

With continuous improvement and expansion of mobile gaming, PC gaming will likely take the backseat while mobile gaming will take over the wheel. We hope that the recent launch of the 5G network will prove to be an advantage when it comes to introducing trends in mobile gaming.

We have to wait and see what the future holds and hope that numerous innovations, such as mobile VR games, are closer than ever.