21st-century tourism has developed massively, becoming not only convenient but also affordable. According to official records, the total value of the global tourism market exceeded 9 trillion dollars in 2019, counting as one of the major contributors to the world’s GDP.

Although the sector was heavily affected by the current coronavirus outbreak, optimists suggest that not everything is lost in 2020 in terms of tourism. Yes, people will spend less money on their vacations and will probably have to stick to destinations close to their homes, within the borders of their country to remain safe and prevent the virus’ spread.

Hotels and resorts will also lose billions of dollars as clients will be less likely to book rooms in crowded places where social distancing is a foreign concept. However, this could prove an opportunity for homeowners who are looking to put their properties for short-term renting on various online tourism platforms, including Booking and Airbnb.

Even with higher cleaning fees and stricter cancellation policies, millions of Americans will still want to go on holidays, so apartment and villa rentals could prove cheaper and safer solutions, as opposed to crowded resorts where you’ll have to wait your turn to go into the pool or serve a drink at the bar.

So, if you’re considering becoming a host and making your location perfect for a weekend getaway or a holiday retreat, here are some rules you need to abide by.

Sparkling clean

Now more than ever, clients need to be reassured that you’re doing everything you can to perfectly clean and sanitize your place after each group of tourists. You may be entitled to charge a bigger cleaning fee, as long as you thoroughly wash, clean, and sanitize every inch of your property.

Mopping the floors and cleaning the kitchens cabinets are a must but you also need to make sure the bathroom and the bedrooms are ready for guests.

Change the sheets, bedding, cover, and the pillows’ covers after each guest and use a steam cleaner for the lining, curtains, chairs, and the sofa. This will kill all germs, bacteria, and viruses, helping your house smell fresh and clean for a longer time. If you cannot afford to do so, invest in at least one dozen covers for all your furniture pieces and change them regularly.

If you have space, you can additionally opt for a small washing machine with detergents and conditioners available so that every group of tourists can wash their sheets, lining, and clothes in case they want to. Most clients who will spend the weekend won’t opt for this service but it’s always nice to have the option to put on a clean shirt, even when you pack light.

If your house isn’t big enough for a washing machine, make sure there are cleaning and steaming facilities available for free or for a charge in the vicinity. A laundry room in one of your complex’s buildings is common, so let people know in advance.

Invest in quality cosmetics and towels

Another sign of a clean and welcoming home is the number of fresh, white towels available for guests. Don’t go cheap with them as quality towels can last longer, even when they are professionally washed, cleaned or bleached.

The same goes for toiletries, cosmetics, and other consumables around the house. Have an extra bar of soap, shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, and toothpaste available for every client, free of charge. If you don’t want to worry too much about it, you can buy bundles of travel kits that already contain all these necessary products. Provide each guest with one travel kit and have 1-2 more to spare, just in case.

As for towels, two sets of clean towels (a big one and a small one) for every guest should be enough for those who don’t spend more than 3-4 days on your property. Leave some to spare in case of emergencies too.

Tasteful, timeless decors

There are small touches that can turn your guests’ time into a pleasant one. Invest in scented candles or room fragrances to lure tourists into your story. Set up the mood with some opulent touches of gold such as lamps, storage baskets, cutlery or flower pots, and don’t forget about warm tones.

White, beige, brown, and off-white tones are the perfect color choices for guest houses because it’s easy to spot whenever something is dirty. Therefore, keeping your furniture in these tones might mean that you’ll end up replacing them more often but it gives your guests a sense of security when it comes to cleanliness.

Don’t forget about your lawn

If your house has a small patio, backyard, or garden, it’s important to keep it trimmed, clean, and welcoming. Invest in gardening tools, including in some really good aerators, that can keep your lawn the perfect shade of green, no matter the temperatures outside. Decorate with lots of plants, flowers, and accessories to turn a dull corner into a fairytale.