Watch Party with Friends – Wiretap

Consumer Update

The recent global pandemic forced a lot of us to find new and unique ways to socialize. This has mostly consisted of video calls and drive-by greetings, but there’s another form of socializing that has seen a recent boost in popularity – the Netflix watch party.

A Netflix watch party is a simple concept. Friends watch a movie or show remotely in a synced environment with a running chat that allows them to comment on said movie or show. It’s a fun and engaging way to make your viewing experience feel a little less lonely. It’s also an entertaining way to watch crazy, comment-worthy shows like Tiger King. Trust me, our chat was off-the-wall nuts, like the show.

If you’re looking to start a remote party so you and your friends can watch online and sync up your live video streaming, might I suggest Wiretap? This is a Google Chrome extension that lets you watch with a running stream of posts that includes reactions, facts, theories and comments. The unique angle on this Chrome extension is that it also includes comments and reactions from bloggers and the creators of the movies and shows. In other words, it stretches far beyond a party amongst friends who watch online. It’s also a great destination for larger event viewings.

It’s kind of a perfect service for creators looking to connect with their fans. They can drop behind-the-scenes trivia in the chat and let viewers gain a deeper insight into how it’s all made. Creators will even receive a custom link so that those that join from the link will automatically be added as followers.

The chat is also a bit different than you’ll find elsewhere. Unlike other parties where you watch online at the same time, Wiretap’s stream doesn’t disappear. The best posts rise to the top no matter how many comments are flooding in. Think of it like a social media algorithm that highlights the best content. You’ll be able to revisit the running chat afterwards in case you missed anything.

Another great feature that makes Wiretap stand out above other similar live video streaming party apps is the way it deals with trolls. There’s both a manual and automatic system for weeding out obnoxious viewers. They have assigned moderators who even pounce on people trying to drop spoilers in the chat.

You can find out more and download the Chrome extension at