By: Nick Gambino

These last few months have seen a major spike in food delivery thanks to this large bout of “not leaving the house,” but a hot meal isn’t the only thing delivery is good for. DoorDash just announced a partnership with CVS Pharmacy to deliver essentials to your doorstep.

DoorDash and Postmates seem to have a near monopoly on delivering essentials, what with each of their respective partnerships with 7-Eleven, etc. Though, this newest venture with CVS makes this the first foray into delivery for the national pharmacy chain.

Users will be able to order just about everything from gum and beauty products to batteries and over-the-counter medicine. There are over 3,000 items in all. You’ve been in a CVS, so you have an idea what’s available. Most of it is deliverable. For now, there won’t be any prescription delivery, which is probably a safe bet to absolve DoorDash of any potential liability.

That being said, CVS does seemingly offer prescription delivery options through other services like USPS and Shipt.

As with most delivery options, CVS delivery is starting in larger metropolitan areas like Dallas, Houston, New York City and Philadelphia. There are plans in place to expand delivery in the next couple months to Boston, Brooklyn, the Bronx and San Francisco.

DoorDash’s current delivery policy includes no-contact delivery so you can get your shampoo dropped off at your front door with no need to interact with the delivery person.

Part of the kick-off on this new delivery system will include 20% off your first order through the app as long as its $15 or more. The discount caps off at $5. (You always got to read the fine print.)

“We are committed to providing our customers with convenient delivery methods that suit their lifestyle,” the Senior VP of Merchandising for CVS Health, George Coleman, said. “This partnership allows customers to get the non-prescription daily essentials they need, while continuing to practice social distancing.”

I’m not sure that this is the best timing as states begin to re-open, but it’s a natural progression as we move to a more delivery-friendly world.