Consume Safe Drinking Water in Your Home with Acuva Technolgies

Consumer Update

It’s no secret that drinking water is vital for continued health, but not all water is safe. Even water purified at a municipal level can be prone to secondary contamination on the way to your tap. This could be due to old plumbing or infrastructure. The best and safest solution is to purify the water right at point of use, before you drink.

But you can control the quality of your drinking water. Acuva offers the best UV-LED water disinfection system for your kitchen and any other tap in your home.

Acuva Technologies

Their award-winning product, the Eco NX-Silver, eradicates waterborne diseases by eliminating microbial contaminants such as harmful bacteria and viruses at the point of use. This is all possible with their patented and proprietary IntenseBeam technology, winning them the 2019 Global New Product Innovation Award.

Developed by a leading group of scientists and engineers at the University of British Columbia, the Eco-NX Silver is the only UV-LED water treatment product in the world that is certified by IAPMO for NSF55 Class B–a gold standard for drinking water!

Inside this compact and powerful unit is an advanced UV-LED technology that kills pathogens in real time. You can tell the UV is working with the blue light indicator, each time you turn on the faucet.

The complete Acuva system not only makes the water safe to drink but also makes it taste better, ensuring the health and safety of your family.

The Eco NX-Silver lasts for years with zero maintenance and can be easily installed under your sink. And unlike other UV systems, it is completely mercury-free!

It is available in 110V AC or 12V DC power sources, making it a great product not only for your home but also for RVs, boats and cottages.

You can find out more about this revolutionary technology that creates safe drinking water by heading to today.