Goals App is the #1 Goal Tracker to Help You Reach Your Health Objectives


Lack of goal attainment or, more accurately, the inability to achieve what we want out of life is the one factor preventing us from living a fulfilling life. We lash out at a million other factors but at the end of the day it comes down to not setting goals and not accomplishing said goals.

Scroll through the App Store and you’ll see a million and one apps for daily planning and even a number of goal tracker and goal planner apps. The app supply is there to meet the demand of people bouncing all over the place without a clear path forward. You probably couldn’t go wrong getting started with just about any of these goal tracker or goal planner apps. You’ll even improve your situation if you download one of those apps for daily planning.

One of the best goal tracker and goal planner apps available is the one aptly and simply titled Goals. Trying to juggle goals in your head can be quite a task. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking daily or weekly goals, there’s something about not laying it down in writing that seems to trip you up. The Goals app allows you to manage your priorities in a distraction-free digital environment.

The idea is to combine intention setting with habit tracking aligned in the direction of helping you attain both short-term and long-term goals. You’ll start by setting the goal. It helps when to be as specific with the language as possible. In other words, don’t simply write “Run.” Instead, write something like “Run 2 miles.”

The goals can be related to work, health, house projects, etc. You can even use this goal tracker or goal planner to make sure you keep in touch with Mom. Set a goal like, “Call mom once a week.”

Whatever goals you set, the Goals app will nudge you gently in the direction of accomplishment. The idea is that it’s more than a goal tracker or one of those apps for daily planning that you never really use. The Goals app is a partner that keeps you on track and helps you cross the finish line.

It also provides deeper insight with actionable analytics on your progress towards completion of your goals. This allows you to focus your attention on the areas that might need strengthening. Again, the whole app is about providing you the tools you need to reach what you’ve set out to do.

You can download the Goals app in the Google Play or App Store.