Quickly Light Charcoal Grills with the GrillBlazer

Consumer Update

There has been a war waging for what seems like an eternity. That war of course is over what kind of grill you should use – charcoal or gas. There are valid arguments for and against but one of the biggest arguments against a char grill is the length of time it takes to get it going. This often results in most settling for grill propane as their fuel source instead.

Sure, there are ways to more quickly light a char grill like using lighter fluid. But if you’ve ever chomped down on a lighter fluid burger than you know it doesn’t take more than a few squirts of that flammable liquid to ruin the whole BBQ. There is a solution though that exists that will have you cooking on your char-grill in no time and without all of that yucky lighter fluid taste sinking into your meat.


The GrillBlazer has got to be the newest BBQ tool added to your arsenal. The GrillBlazer is basically a hand-held torch or grill gun that lights charcoal grills with ease. This bad boy is both reliable and durable, throwing off 400,000+ BTUs. That means you’ll have grills that rely on coal lit in anywhere from 20 to 60 seconds. All you have to do is aim and flame until it catches fire.

The GrillBlazer is multi-functional. Just think of the ways a dedicated intense flame could help you out. It allows you to warm up your grill, burn off residual grease, dirt or grime and whatever else you can think of. It just allows for so much more control than when you grill with propane.

The geniuses behind the GrillBlazer have also just released another ingenious product – the Su-V Gun. This hand-held torch features a shorter barrel and tighter flame than the GrillBlazer, so is more appropriate and safer for indoor use. This is a perfect addition to your kitchen, allowing for some fancy chef work as you sear meats and caramelize the top layer of sugar for crème brulee. This is the tool that will allow you to do all of those things you keep seeing on The Food Network but just didn’t know how to pull off.

The GrillBlazer and the Su-V Gun are what you need to light the fire and get you cooking with gas, or rather, charcoal.

You can read up more on both of these must-have products by visiting GrillBlazer.com. That’s also where you can purchase either of the two torches.