Vacation rental markets and platforms are continuously gaining new users since this particular industry has been on a massive rise in recent years. More users mean more customers, and consequently, more work. Remaining productive while taking care of guests and properties is definitely difficult and time-consuming. However, iGMS has created a comprehensive and user-friendly vacation rental software that can increase your business productivity. It utilizes automation to enhance efficiency, maximize revenue, and save costs. Here’s how this vacation rental software can help with improving your business.

  1. Automated Guest Messaging and Communication

Automation has become a huge buzzword in the vacation rental industry. That is entirely legitimate, though, as automation comes with numerous benefits for both online travel agencies and independent rental business owners. The iGMS unified inbox and Automated smart messaging features will ensure that you don’t waste an extra second on tedious customer service tasks. It can automate up to 70% of all communication, leaving every host with at least sixty extra hours every month to spend on other vital tasks. Property managers will be able to:

  • Create automated messages that are triggered by preset date/time
  • Create message templates
  • Create specific response triggers that are sent either during check-in, during the stay, or during checkout.

2. Channel and Multiple Account Management

Most professional vacation rental owners know that owning accounts on multiple platforms is crucial for their business. Each platform has a dedicated customer base, which you can use to maximize your profits. However, managing multiple accounts and channels is quite time-consuming. Don’t fret, though, because the iGMS multiple channel and account management features will make this process much less complicated. Vacation rental property owners can synchronize data from multiple platforms (Airbnb, Vrbo,, TripAdvisor, etc.) and control property lists from a single place. iGMS vacation rental software acts as your personal channel manager, charging only a fraction of the service fee that a regular property manager would charge.

3. Cleaning Services and Team Management

iGMS vacation rental software also enables you to perform logistics and other operational tasks from a single place. Managing cleaning schedules and assignments is complicated, especially if you’re managing multiple short-term rentals. However, using iGMS vacation rental management software will enable you to:

  • Set cleaning tasks for specific team members
  • Automate certain cleaning tasks, such as paying/charging the cleaning fee
  • Send out email and text notifications to team members
  • Create to-do lists
  • Add tasks for all online bookings.

4. Guest Review Automation

Guest reviews determine your success rate, bookings, and search results–all of which are vital for your reputation. However, guests often skip the review part because they’re either lazy, have nothing bad or good to say, or they simply forgot. If you were to leave a review first, you would significantly increase the chances of receiving one in return. But, who has the time to write a review for each of the guests, especially when there’s always something else to take care of? With iGMS, you can create review templates using predefined elements and publish them directly through the platform. Moreover, you will receive notifications about how much time you have to publish a review, or when you receive a new guest review.

5. Key Management Automation

Although many vacation rental-related tasks are time-consuming, nothing is as labour-intensive as key management. Because key management usually requires physical presence, not only does it take a long time to complete, but you typically have to invest additional money into transportation. iGMS offers Keycafe integration so hosts would be able to automate key management processes. Keycafe is a popular platform that offers smart boxes for key disposal. So, once a guest leaves, they will leave the key inside the box, and the host will receive a notification. Or, the host can remotely unlock the box once the guest arrives for a check-in.

6. Financial Reporting

Financial tasks are another unavoidable part of running a vacation rental business. Keeping your finances in check should be a top priority in your rental management strategy. But, accountants can be quite expensive, and finance-related stuff always seems so complicated. However, iGMS has decided to create a beginner-friendly feature that will take care of your income tracking. The platform enables you to create four types of smart reports–payouts, tasks, reservations, and monthly revenue. These reports are generated in a matter of minutes, and they can provide valuable feedback into how you’re running your business.

7. Guest Management from Direct Bookings

Direct bookings can maximize your revenue significantly. These bookings can come from multiple sources, such as vacation rental platforms, Instagram, Facebook, or a personal website. However, managing all of those can be both risky and time-consuming. With the iGMS direct booking management feature, you will be able to take full control over any manual booking–smart check-ins, different triggers, image sending, etc. iGMS vacation rental software offers integration for multiple platforms, so you will be able to control everything from a single place.

How to Know Whether iGMS Vacation Rental Software Is a Good Fit for Your Business?

Deciding whether iGMS vacation rental software is suitable for your business is rather easy. First, you need to define your business goals. Are you looking to expand, introduce more rentals, or hire more people? Do you think that some processes should be automated or optimized? If the answer is yes, then this software solution might be a great fit. However, the best way to find out is to try it. Luckily, iGMS offers a 14-day free trial, where you can take your time to test out all the features carefully. 

Using high-quality vacation rental software has become a standard. However, not all software solutions offer the same features and the same level of quality. That is precisely why you should carefully consider which one to choose. iGMS has proven to follow all the latest industry standards, and more, which has been confirmed by a large pool of satisfied customers. If you’re looking for something that will make your rental business boom, then iGMS vacation rental software might be the perfect solution.