Sock Sneakers Will Have You Walking on Air – Arcopedico Knit Shoes

Consumer Update

Rewind a hundred years and the footwear industry had very little to offer in terms of variety. The most comfortable shoes then would probably be one of the least comfortable today. And forget running shoes. If you wanted to get some knees-to-chest action going on, you’d have to plan for blisters and bleeding feet.

Today, it’s a different story. Think of an activity and there’s probably a shoe for it. One of the most comfortable shoes that doesn’t get nearly as much attention as it deserves, is the knit shoe. When most people think of knit shoes they probably think of shoes with no arch support. Like sock sneakers with just enough sole to traverse smooth ground.

Arcopedico is changing the narrative with their line of knit shoes with arch support. After traversing cobblestone roads in Portugal, Arcopedico’s founder, Elio Parodi, came up with this idea of knit shoes with arch support that allow your feet to breathe while also allowing you to walk the most uneven of paths. They are honestly one of the most comfortable shoes you’ll find on the market today.


Arcopedico’s classic knit shoes feature a blend of techno elastic upper technology and special knitted nylon fibers that allow for a controlled freedom of your foot shape. No more shoving your feet and toes into a stiff shoe that forces your poor little foot to conform or else. The knit materials are made to mold and move with the shape of your foot, offering up the most comfortable shoe experience.

Now, soft doesn’t mean flimsy. Despite the softness and non-binding qualities of these sock sneakers, the supportive sole lets you cross the most treacherous and uneven of roads, like you would with any robust shoes with arch support. It supports your foot and protects it from rocks, crevices and other items threatening to ruin your day.

The soft interior lining is probably the best thing about these sock sneakers. It hugs your foot, making you feel like you’re walking on clouds. This feature also allows you to slip into the knit shoe barefoot. There’s a built-in SanSmell technology that promotes an anti-bacterial environment, something you’ll want if you’re going to go barefoot. Toss them in your washing machine when they’re in need of cleaning.

These sock sneakers are nicknamed “shocks” for good reason – they have shoe-like durability with a sock-like feel.

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