Crafts for Kids Every Month – Annie’s Creative Girls Club

Consumer Update

Arts and crafts have a long and storied history of helping kids tap into their creative side and make something they can be proud of. There are all kinds of levels to arts and crafts from the beginner to the advanced, each with a wide variety of projects available. From quilting to knitting to stringing beads, kids can let their imagination run wild as they create something completely unique.

There’s a craft for kids subscription service that helps young girls get started on a new project every month. Annie’s Creative Girls Club was designed for girls between the ages of 7 and 12 to kickstart their creativity in the areas of knitting, quilting, beading and more. Every month, they will receive two kits that include all the materials they need and easy-to-follow instructions for unique projects. The best thing about it is these projects require almost no adult supervision.

Kids can start and complete these arts and crafts projects on their own. Making something without adult intervention is something they can be truly proud of. Each project is kid-test and kid-approved. More than anything, Annie’s kits are super fun. They’re designed not to feel like a big chore, but rather a super fun, creative project that’ll have them anxiously anticipating the next kit.

Each kit includes a new skill that might come in handy down the road. It might include sewing, quilting, paper crafting, stitching, painting and more. More specifically, one kit might include a project where she’ll craft a colorful pillow, and yet another might include a fun scrapbooking project. Think about all the fun you had with arts and crafts growing up. It’s all that, but also crafts for kids without adults stepping in every 5 seconds.

Now when I say there’s minimal adult supervision required, that’s because every arts and crafts project is designed to be safe. She’ll be introduced to beginner crafting skills in the safest way possible, allowing her to learn on a gradient scale as she grows her skillset.

Most importantly, she’ll receive the satisfaction of having created something fun with her own two hands and without mom or dad butting in. There’s nothing that beats that proud sense of accomplishment. That alone is worth the price of the monthly subscription.

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