Avibra App – Rewarding Good Lifestyle Habits with Quality Insurance Coverage


Taking time every day to focus on yourself and improve and enhance your well-being is important. It doesn’t take a lot, but it must be done. That doesn’t mean it’s easy. Sometimes it takes a certain amount of self-discipline that’s hard for us mere mortals to muster up. Even coming up with a wellness plan can be tough.

There’s an app that can help you with that by giving you certain incentives, like free medical insurance. It’s called Avibra. It’s a free-to-use app that rewards your good habits with things like free insurance coverage. That includes life insurance, accidental death and accident medical insurance to cover your out-of-pocket or high deductible medical expenses.

Avibra defines good habits as fulfilling specific tasks in the app. It includes reading wellness plan tips, taking quizzes, watching videos and listening to mediations all geared toward helping you improve your health, finances, career, relationships and even your community. It’s all geared toward a wellness plan that improves your personal well-being.

It’s about taking a positive step toward personal growth. That can be learning helpful tips for leading a more stress-free life or taking the time to meditate and let that stress wash away from you. You concentrate on what’s most important to you in life and Avibra will reward you with free medical insurance coverage and more. That’s not cheap insurance, that’s free insurance. I’ll repeat, it’s not cheap insurance, it’s free. All you have to do is take steps toward personal growth. Seems easy enough.

Part of taking care of your personal well-being is reducing screen time. This should be part of anyone’s wellness plan. By spending some time away from our digital devices, we can reconnect with ourselves and our surroundings. That’s why Avibra doesn’t require you to log in every day. They want you to take a break from your screen.

You only need to log in once a week and practice your own personal good habits and earn medical insurance and more. It’s that easy, and now that you have an incentive in the form of insurance coverage, maybe you’ll find some time to work on you.

Download the Avibra app in the Google Play or App Store and start living your best life today.