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Digital security is important if you want to stop internet villains (read: hackers) from accessing your personal information and stealing your data, or worse, your identity. The thing is, as important as security is, inconvenience and poor usability make it more cumbersome than it’s worth. So, what do we do?

Well, in this day and age you use something like Allthenticate. This team of brilliant minds wants to debunk the long-held belief that security and usability can’t work hand in hand, by offering authentication products that are more secure and more usable. All products are designed from the ground up with the end-user in mind but without sacrificing the secure nature of the product. Trust me, it can be done because these guys did it.

Allthenticate products offer companies better control of which employee has access to which asset. Employees won’t need to remember things like physical keys, smartcards or even passwords to get through security doors. No, the Allthenticate door security system is modern, which means smart locks. As soon as an employee walks up to the door security point, the smart locks will unlock and the doors will magically open, as long as they’re authorized.

Smart door readers are easy to install on any existing electromagnetic lock. Each security point can be configured for different levels of security as the company dictates.

It’s not just about door security. Similarly, if the employee needs access to a company laptop, that unlocks as well, as soon as their phone is close by. The ability to turn smartphones into security keys allows for way better security and a way better user experience. In the age of smartphones, it’s about time someone wielded the power of that little computer in your pocket for organization security.

Now, Allthenticate products are customizable to each organization’s specific needs. Doors and laptops can require users to enter a PIN or provide their biometrics after work hours or weekends when increased security is vital.

Allthenticate is comprised of a team of specialists with years of experience on both sides of the hacker spectrum, black and white. This gives them a unique insight into what makes up a robust, workable, non-compromising security system. That’s why from smart locks and door security to smartphones that unlock laptops, they’ve created a suite of products currently unparalleled in the world of enterprise security.

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