Few would have thought that the online casino industry would explode the way that it did once the first one appeared on the scene back in 1996. Today, the internet is full to the brim with gaming sites, so finding the right platform and picking a game that has favorable odds requires a bit of research.

While the game selection at these gaming sites is usually substantial, not all games are equal in entertainment value, and not all games offer the same chance to claim a prize. Blackjack and baccarat are some of the best online casino games that you can find both in RNG and live-dealer form thanks to their low house edges, but let’s look at a few games that you should probably avoid.

Low RTP High-Variance Slots

Slots are the industry’s cash-cows. They account for almost 80% of land-based casino revenues, and they are even more popular at online casinos. However, these games greatly differ in terms of their return to player and variance. Return to player is the percentage of the money bet that the game will payout over time, while variance is the expected range between winning and losing.

A high variance game has a paytable with fewer symbols, but it offers major payouts, with few to no opportunities to land small or medium-sized wins. Therefore, these slots are more suitable for people who have money to spend and are willing to take risks. The games themselves may be terrific, but players have to understand how often they may win and what are their chances of claiming a big prize.

Scratch Card Games

These games feature digital cards with a grid-like format and hidden symbols underneath. The grid-type may vary, but the pattern most players are familiar with is the three by three one. The goal is simple, match a specific number of symbols as indicated by the game rules to win an associated prize. There’s no skill involved here, only effective bankroll management.

Nowadays, many online casinos feature these games, especially those that target players from the UK. In essence, most of the time, what you get digitally is identical to traditional scratch card games. However, some may feature arcade-like aspects. It is hard to quantify the house edge of these games, but in most cases, it hovers around 95% or below.

Any Keno Game

According to legend, Keno came into existence somewhere around 200 B.C in China. Today, Keno games are available at a lot of online casinos, and more developers are looking into developing variations of this classic. It’s an established concept, so there’s a potential player base that already understands the game’s complicated rules, and older players are especially fond of it.

Keno requires little to no strategy. It is more-or-less entirely dependent on luck. Keno games are also high variance, where the house edge depends on how many numbers you bet. Some online variations may feature an RTP of 95%, in the best-case scenario, but most fall under 92%. Depending on how many numbers you bet, the casino’s edge may grow to 20%-30%