Cricket ball resting on a cricket bat on green grass of cricket pitch

The pandemic has caused quite a trouble in the sports industry. It has surely messed up this year’s sports calendar and has most likely already affected next year’s as well. In March, many sports leagues had to hit the pause button like the EPL and the NBA.

People were uncertain about the return of these sports events during that time. However, sports leagues were eager to return this year and they did. They were able to figure out a way to safely resume sports matches in the middle of the pandemic.

While sports aren’t exactly the solution to end the pandemic, many believe that sports coming back would help uplift the spirits of many. The pandemic has made isolation and quarantines prominent and sports and entertainment could help people go through these tough times.

It appears that people are turning to gaming and gambling as they stay at home. Online casinos have reported a spike in traffic since March when sports events started to get canceled. However, now that sports are back, the betting industry is also recovering. Now that cricket leagues are back, it is likely that cricket betting apps in India and other parts of the world will also experience a spike in traffic.

Leagues like the EPL and the German Bundesliga were able to return and proceed this year. However, the matches had to happen behind closed doors. Testing has also become the new norm for these leagues. However, more and more sports leagues like the NBA, the IPL, and the Big Bash League are now putting up bio-secure bubbles to lessen the risk of the spread of the virus.

The Sports Bubble

A bio-secure bubble or simply the bubble to many is an environment where people involved are isolated and are not allowed to get any physical contact from the outside world. Putting up a bubble would help lessen the risk of a virus spread. In this case, the COVID 19.

The IPL is currently in a bubble that is in the UAE. Before entering the bubble, everyone involved in the series is tested not just once. Also, not only the players are tested but also the other sportspersons, support staff, broadcasters or media, officers, and the facilitators. All of them are not allowed to go outside of the bubble until the season ends.

The same thing is what will happen to the Big Bash League which will take place in December and will last until March.  However, there are already reports of athletes opting out of the upcoming BBL.

The thing about being inside the bubble is that it could be mentally draining and challenging. This is something that England cricketer Jofal Archer has talked about as it was announced that he is opting out of the BBL.

Archer said, “I’ll tell you; it has been mentally challenging. I‘ll be honest with you, I don’t know if I have much more bubbles left in me for the rest of the year. I haven’t seen my family, really, since February. The IPL is going to be most of October, November, we’re going to South Africa hopefully as well. That only leaves me with a few weeks in December for the rest of the year. I love my Hobart family, but I think I need to spend some time with my real family as well.

“When the year turns, we’re going to be back in the bubble in the UAE and then India. Family time is really important, especially when you actually cannot see them physically. So, any time off I’m going to spend with them,” he also added.

Aside from Archer, it also appears that David Warner will be skipping the upcoming BBL. According to his manager, James Erskine, they are still not sure whether Warner will not be a part of this year’s BBL. Erskine said that if he doesn’t, it has nothing to do with money.

Erskine said, “I haven’t discussed it with him but I would think he’s more than likely to spend time with his family than in the BBL. The fact we haven’t had the conversation probably tells me he won’t.”

It can be remembered that in an interview in July, Warner did say that he might have to rethink his future in the international cricket scene and this is because of the pandemic. For now, there is still no official announcement from Warner’s camp. We still are a few months away from the BBL which will start on December 3.