We are lucky to have a huge selection of casino games online to enjoy. So much so, choosing where to begin can be daunting but it is easy to break the games down into different categories, including those with low stakes.

There are many reasons why you may choose to play casino games with low stakes. Some research suggests it is actually more profitable to play online casino games using low stakes but you may not have a large budget and simply get more enjoyment for your money by playing games with low stakes. Playing using low stakes also gives you the opportunity to try out a game without the fear of losing a significant amount of money.

There are plenty of leading casino games to play with low stakes, including a selection of slots games. Turning Totems, Wild Wild West, Cool Buck, Hugo, and Arcader are all examples of popular slots games that accept low stakes. For example, you can spin from as little as £0.10 when playing Turning Totems and as low as £0.09 per spin when playing Cool Buck. The options do not end there and you can even enjoy playing the progressive Mega Moolah slot with a stake of just £0.01. Doing so will mean you have only one play line with one coin per line but it can be done.

Moving away from the slots games to play with low stakes to table games. Roulette and poker are often featured in movies and television shows as high stakes games, with the winner taking home a significant amount of money and the loser left empty handed. It does happen but the reality is many online casino players choose to play low stakes casino games.

Low stakes roulette is a good example and it is possible to play online with a minimum stake of just £0.01. This allows you to enjoy the drama of the roulette wheel without the fear of losing huge sums of money are seen in the movies. You can place single or multiple stakes on the betting cloth knowing it does not matter if you lose as you can easily afford the losses, should they come. As highlighted above, playing low stakes online casino games also gives you the opportunity to gain experience of playing the game in question. You may have watched roulette being played many times but never had the confidence to try it for yourself. A low stakes game gives you the chance to try the game without much risk.

This applies to online poker, which a lot of people decide not to try due to the fear of losing a large amount of money. However, even the biggest names in online poker now offer a selection of low stakes games. There are plenty of micro-stakes tables at online poker sites where you can play for £0.01/£0.02 stakes and even enter the game for as little as £1.00.

So, there is a huge selection of casino games to play with low stakes. They are all hugely enjoyable and a great way to learn the ropes.